3 SEO Myths You Cannot Afford to Believe In

Because many people lack accurate information about how the search engines work, quite a few myths about SEO persist. What happens is that people have mistaken ideas and then repeat them to others, causing these myths to spread quickly. Let’s take a look at some of the most harmful of these myths so the next time you hear them you’ll know better.Learn more about SEO Myths Here!

Using a header tag on your site does not affect your search ranking. Even though many people know that the keywords in the H tags don’t do anything to increase your rankings, they still continue to believe in the myth.

If you are not certain that header tags oo not help, you can run some tests. If header tags with your page design or the content management system, their use is acceptable but should be restricted. If it doesn’t fit the site design, skip the use of these tags. Another SEO myth is that you should optimize only one keyword with one page. This idea that every page should only be optimized for one key phrase is something that many internet marketers believe, but it is simply not true. The basic premise behind this belief is that your page will rank better if it’s very focused. First of all, any page that is written with the idea of targeting one keyword phrase will probably come across as unnatural, which readers will pick up. You are also not using your space efficiently if you only use one keyword per page when you could be using more. What is the point of targeting a single keyword when the same page could be optimizing several keyword phrases? If you really want to optimize your page, use as many of your keywords as you can think of. You’ll get more targeted traffic this way. You can find out for yourself by looking at your web analytics that you are getting traffic from several, possibly many different keywords. So it’s better for your search engine rank to optimize for multiple phrases.Click Here to get a Free report from AFFILORAMA!

Another myth that keeps doing the rounds every now and then is new companies or businesses coming up and saying that they don’t need SEO because their market doesn’t use search engines. It doesn’t make sense to think this way when you consider how many millions of people use the search engines every single day. Almost every market is covered by the search engines and if you want real proof of that, do a search for your niche related keyword phrase and see how many websites actually come up. There is no more powerful marketing strategy than ranking well in your niche, as millions of people use the search engines daily and this is highly targeted traffic. You have to realize that it takes some time and study to make search engine optimization pay off for you. You may get stuck in certain places, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and do research so you can move forward. You might make a few mistakes but eventually you’ll grasp the basic concepts that will help you get successful in getting your site ranked well.Learn the truth about SEO Myths Here!

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