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We begin by exploring your current situation as to where your business is right now.

If you already have a website then how is it performing right now?
We will analyse its performance and provide a detailed report of possible solutions and recommendations.
If necessary we can also help with support from our web design team or internet marketing experts. We are a collaborative group of web practitioners well versed in  best practice web design and internet marketing.
Our methodology reviews current business processes and identifies potential areas where web deisgn technologies and internet marketing techniques could result in improved performance for your business online. Staff training is likely to be required and there are a number of our channel partners to educate you and deliver knowledge transfer bringing certain skills into your business.

Website Analysis to support online marketing

The website is built and it is live, but is it working?

How do you know it is doing what you had hoped for?

You must have an insight into your websites marketing effectiveness.

A regular task to support your website is monitor and optimise. Conducting competitive analysis and keyword research is part of the job on a daily basis if necessary, depending on how competitive a market your website is competing in.

The days of basic web stat software and hit counters has long gone.

Probably the most popular software available to conduct web analysis is Google Analytics. You might have this tracking code on your website right now. Check with your website developer who might have put it on all of your important web pages for you.

But is your Google Analytics configured properly?

Talk to us about learning Google Analytics

Accelerate your Online Growth

Get access to some of the best real world marketing practitioners to help your company put in place a professional website that will actually bring return on investment.

We know a lot about analytics, and very knowledgeable on how it should be set up to how it should be used to drill down to real decision making analysis.

Its amazing the amount of times we come across a Google Account that is not properly configured so the client can take advantage of hidden gem data here, only to find that your website developer has actually set up Google Analytics and configured it incorrectly.

Can you easily access this analytics tool through your Google Account?

Talk to us about your Google Account and the products you can use within it.

Are you getting all the important data you need to know about from your Google Analytics?

Most websites with Google Analytics installed is barely scratching the surface.

Let us show you how to make use of this valuable.

If your websites performance is to improve you need to know which data to focus on in order to get the very best out of your websites performance.

Ask us to come and take a close look at how your analytics has been set up.

Call us on 01592 745992

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