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Building web sites and optimising websites for Search Engine Marketing requires you to source reputable suppliers of ecommerce websites.

IBMC,, Smart Partnerships who recommend and promote OnlineXcellence have together been assisting small medium businesses put in place a website that is fit for purpose and bringing return on investment. That is why also that during 2008 and 2009 this group put together an initiative scheme to support Scottish Enterprise in Scotland that was titled Accelerate Business Growth using the Internet.

IBMC continues to run this program model with the assistance of those who are behind the OnlineXcellence initiative that is supporting businesses across Scotland and England. We start by taking the business back to the point of deciding why they want a website in the first place. What approach does the business intend to take when it comes to choosing their website developer? If this is a website redevelopment project and you think you want to continue with your incumbent website design team, ask yourself - Was it the right choice the first time around? If you already have a website, did the website design team do more the first time around than just deliver a pretty looking website? Did the website achieve sales and profitability? If it didn't then get assistance towards putting in place a new web design team. But during this process, lets give the incumbents at least the opportunity to submit a new quote and measure their thoughts on what their approach will be towards providing a website that will deliver the ROI that you seek.


What makes IBMC or OnlineXcellence the authority to decide the fate of a website design agency?

Right now, the UK, indeed the World, doesn't have a regulated law that governs website agencies. So what makes our company be the deciding card as to whether a website design agency gets the work or not?

We would prefer that all website design agencies have an equal chance to deliver the services they offer.

But the website design agency must take a hard look at their own business model when responding to any website specification document we submit to your agency. As we will measure your response and approach to answering what we seek you to do, and for you to tell us how much it will cost if we are to choose whether you work with us and our client or not.

Are you just website mechanic that build 'eyecandy' websites, or are you and agency jumping up and down wanting to tell the world that you build websites that actually convert site visitors into sales. And is the last customer you built a website for eagerly jumping up and down also singing your praises because you made him or her a million pounds online this year.


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