Learn the Top Tips to Preparing for Your Web Design Project

Are you looking around to begin the job of getting your Web site made by a professional Web design team? If your company is in Calgary, Alberta or anywhere else in the world , you can help your Web design team , and your company , if you do a bit of preparation before you go seeking Web design quotes and buying domain names . Preparing for your Web project will make things more economical and efficient , since you will be clear on what you want and where you feel comfortable in letting the project go in the hands of the Web design team.

Consider these tips before contacting Calgary Web Design companies .

  1. Know your business niche. If you are starting a business or in business already , it is critical for you to know your business niche . Define your location, unique services, what you specialize in, and what areas you see having the most future potential. Are you tied to one location, like Calgary, Alberta? If it does, can you see a place for your company in the global market? This information will help define your Search Engine Optimization strategy.
  2. Review your current marketing plan and branding collateral such as logo, slogan, stationary, business cards, posters, signage, etc. Make sure to consider the costs of redoing your print material to align them with your new Web presence. Make all of your material as consistently branded as possible.
  3. Search out your competitors, both local and global online . Good Web design will appeal to local and global audiences and will be accessible to as many visitors as possible , although your focus is more local than global .
  4. Make a short list of 3 to 6 web sites that you like for a variety of reasons . They may or may not be in the same business niche as you . Focus on layout, navigation, functionality (e.g. galleries, blogs, etc.) .
  5. Decide if you prefer a light site (basically dark text on a light background) or a dark site (light text on a dark background). Consider your corporate brand and what will best suit your unique vision. If you are unsure, make a note to discuss this further with your web designer when you meet.
  6. Think about what you want the Web site to do : will it be a simple static website ? Or does it have more interactivity and user involvement ? Or do you need it to be an e-commerce solution right out of the gate ?
  7. How deep are you willing to go into the development of the site? Are you going to be able to produce professional grade content for the website? Getting a new web site designed is great, but if your content is poorly written then the web design won’t matter! Content is King, so make sure you invest properly in this area and consider hiring a professional Web copywriter for the job. This might be your web design team, but you may decide to find a specialist who can write about your business niche and prepare it best for the search engines and human readers.
  8. Create a hierarchy of sections, pages and subpages. An easy way to do this is to look at websites in your niche who have a very similar navigation structure. This will help your Web designer define a realistic timeline for development.
  9. Have your logo ready in the highest format possible, preferably a vector (print-ready) format.
  10. Gather any photos that you’d like to submit to be included in the actual web design itself and also in the content. Make sure you note on which page you’d like each photo to be included.
  11. Clarify your budget. Your website should hold for at least three years with little change needed to maintain its structure. Make sure you also budget for hosting, SSL certificate installation and renewals and ongoing marketing once the site is live.

You can save yourself time and money and provide clear communication with your Web designer if you take a couple of hours to plan out your ideas for your new site. You will be more confident and happy with the final outcome.

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