Flash Site Guide

The use of flash in websites has been around for over a decade and is increasing with each year.   These websites are entertaining, visually appealing, and much more user interactive than the typical web site you run across.  It seems that most programmers have been enlisted to make a flash site or two and learning flash can be really good for business.  Web site owners have to ask themselves though, is flash really better for their website, or should they stick with their old tried and true methods of Internet marketing?  I wrote this article to cover the pros and cons of adding flash to your existing websites and new websites so that you can determine what is best for you.

I’ll give you the “bad news” first and then we’ll cover the “good news” in relation to flash.   The main drawback of flash sites are that they can be resource intensive.  Dial up connections couldn’t easily access resource intensive flash based web sites.   Also web site host providers did not always offer enough additional bandwidth and expanding bandwidth can raise the price of web hosting.

Another draw back is that many people who decide to use flash tend to create long flash introductions that go on forever.  These sites tend to lose people who may have decided to stick around and read the content or buy the product, but were too impatient to watch the long flash introduction.  The visitors that did not want to watch may have wanted to make a quick purchase.

One key advantage of flash is that it usually extends the visitors time spent on your website and increases their chances of making a purchase.   These sites are much more interactive and a visitor that was only looking for quick information may become so impressed that he or she sticks around and is eventually persuaded to buy something.

Flash sites can even be free of charge to create.  If you go to a nice site called http://www.wix.com, you’ll be able to build your own amazing flash website for free.   I don’t know too many people that wouldn’t want to increase the prestige of their web site at no additional cost to them.

Thank you for reading this article on the pros and cons of making a web site with flash elements.   Please add this web page to your social book marks and come back to it as often as you like.

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