Finally, The True Cost of Logo Design.

Nearly anyone can create a logo, it’s true. However, we must also admit that some logos seem to carry more power than others, more attraction, more recognition. The secret bullet to logo design is the designer’s ability to create an image that conveys its meaning across language, religion, and culture.

Search Google for “logo design” and you will see 8 million listings and advertisements claiming “6 logos for $50” and “Build your own logo using our software!”  Some claims are worthwhile, of course, such as “unlimited revisions” and “money back guarantee”, claims that are needed to create that initial trust and confidence to choose that design company.

So how much should a logo cost your company? First define cost:

  • A logo is made to represent your company and its philosophy and spirit, so what is your first impression worth?
  • The style of a logo is best made as timeless as possible, so trendy styles are okay, but the very essence of the logo needs to be able to be seen and interpreted in plain black and white – from there effects and styles, colours and positioning can be changed.
  • How well does the logo transfer from one medium to another? Think about how it will look on a business card to your car’s signage to a newspaper ad. If you don’t consider the consistency and strength of this transfer, then you will be wasting money on a weaker design.
  • Cost is also dependent on the originality of the logo design. Your logo should capture your unique vision, but balance that with a universal timelessness that not many logos can capture. 

So the cost of a logo is largely the initial cost to create it, but equally important is the cost to your company’s image if the logo does not capture the essence of your company in a clean, iconic design.  Some of the most powerful and recognizable logos are also the simplest in design – they allow for space, for imagination, for communication to flow between the intender and the intendee. A company needs a logo as a touchstone for its singular vision and purpose. A logo is needed if you want your company to grow and prosper because we (humans, consumers) all need focal points to help each other find the way through life. The ones that help the most will prosper the most.

Perhaps the simple act of logo creation reveals that all logos are already made and we just “tune in” to these thought forms and make them ours with a “TM” tag. But the more you can define the nature of your own life’s purpose and that of your company’s, the more you will see its creative nature becomes realized. Is a logo ever a finished product? No, because it is always being defined by what it represents, it is always being projected upon and used to project on others and what that projection is will, to some degree, continue to shift. This is not bad, nor good, but a logo needs to maintain the paradox of a fluctuating fixture – a constant for change.

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