Businesses tired of website design companies who fail them

Website Designers claiming to be the best – but are they?

Your business is faced with a tough task when trying to choose the right website agency.

What sort of vehicle do you want your website pages to drive around in, so that they can be found?

Do you as the business owner needing a website have a pretty good idea as to what you are looking for.

Maybe, you have seen this ideal vehicle we speak of here, that is already out there on the road which is your competitor.

But, where can you test drive the website vehicle that is called a Content Management Software CMS solution to house your next website?

Where is the place you can not only read the literature about new CMS models?
Is there anything in the website literature that gives you an indication of the how good your website platform will be when expected to give you the miles to the gallon you will want to get from your website vehicle?

Here is a video that could help you choose the perfect website platform

What would be interesting is a place you can come to where there are sufficient testimonials written about the website vehicle you may considering purchasing.

Will you website CMS platform come with any guarantees.

Choosing a website can be a minefield. Yes, there are websites that will give you an overview of the CMS and that does give some help in your decision making, but where the danger is are the people out there claiming to deliver successful websites using these available solutions whereby the ‘website designer’ is pulling together all the parts. Building websites is one thing, building a website that will achieve its marketing objectives is often overlooked.

The website design and website marketing industry is unregulated and it is therefore difficult for the business owner to know what guarantee he or she has from the choice they make when choosing someone to build their website.

And considering business owners could spend anything from £3k to £30k on a website project , then, how do you know what you are being sold is a fit for purpose website. How will you know?

This is the reason for an an initiative in Scotland called OnlineXcellence
Marketing expert associated with this initiative are leading edge practitioners with at least some pedigree behind those you can get access too.

Marketing experts that will help businesses on their planned journey towards putting in place a website that has to bring revenue into the business.

The journey starts by helping the MD plan for the investment needed to put in place a website.

A key step in the initial stages is to look at whether the MD’s plan to have an online presence is actually viable.

The assistance provided also helps the MD choose a website design team, and hand hold them during the design stages of the website to ensure the chosen web agency is implementing a website design that is fit for purpose to support your marketing strategy.

This marketing support service even helps the business train a member of staff to become the company’s ‘Website Author’.

Altogether, experts from OnlineXcellence assist and help the business owner research and then plan to prepare a specification to brief either their incumbent web developers or choose a new web design team. Once the website is in build, the OnlineXcellence marketing expert will oversee the acceptance of key pages, and then after the site launch help the business owner and their staff market the website.

The OnlineXcellence marketing expert is on the side of the business owner every step of the way to ensure they get what is required to support their online objectives and not what the web agency thinks it should provide.

If you are trying to plan your website development and don’t know where to turn to have someone design your website, or market it, we recommend you acquire the assistance of the OnlineXcellence team.

The OnlineXcellence marketing expert will help your business measure the professional capability of the website design company, questioning and probing whether they can demonstrate their capability to build your website, whether they fully understand Internet Marketing to ensure that what they build is fit for purpose.


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