Position This: YOU For Strategic Marketing Planning

Marketing Positioning
Strategic marketing planning

The #1 way to have a money making business is to develop your strategic marketing planning.

Thinking out your strategic marketing planning really should start with your positioning statement

the positioning statement is one of the first things you should do to define who your customer is.

Definition “target market” refers to the customer in marketing lingo.

The word for finding and arousing interest in your customers is called marketing.

The statement to define your marketing position also defines your product and includes the promise your product delivers, who your target market is, and what makes your product unique from other comparable products.

Create a viable statement to make your product memorable to your client.

The statement should be short, about two sentences.

This positioning statement is used to develop marketing materials for your marketing positioning work.  The positioning statement is for your eyes only.

Who would most benefit from your product? What emotion triggers the need in your target customer? What is your product? What category of market is your product in? What is the principle need for the customer to purchase your product? Who or what is the competition? What is so unique about your product?

Now, take the answers and create your positioning statement.

Before you start reaching out to your customers, learn the difference between features and benefits.  There is another article written that covers this topic exclusively.  You can find it by clicking here > strategic marketing planning 

In short, features are what your product has, benefits are how the client relates to the product.

If you have a new headache remedy, show a person who is feeling really good as a result of using the remedy. 

To get ideas, just watch the ads on television, listen to the radio ads, and the internet ads from major companies have the most well developed ads online.

Appeal to your clients with ads and press releases devised from the answers from your positioning statement. 


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