Intelligent Keyword Research And Suggestion Tools

Keyword research is perhaps the most important activity in Internet Marketing.

You see, to market online… you need to be involved in a niche market that has high demand. In other words, you need to be in the market where there are already many buyers looking to BUY products in the market.

But to get all those buyers, you need to target the RIGHT KEYWORDS!

Simply put, the right keywords are those keywords that meet certain criteria or the criteria you set forth.

For instance, let say you’re planning to create a profitable Adsense site… and you set forth the following keyword criteria…

  • Monthly search volume GREATER THAN 15,000
  • Competing pages SMALLER THAN 50,000
  • Intitle competing pages SMALLER THAN 10,000
  • Number of exact domains exist in the top 10 SERPS
  • What types of sites are in the top 10 SERPS
  • Keyword bid estimate GREATER THAN $5.00

Now, if you were to find the keywords that meet the above criteria MANUALLY, it can take up a lot of your time. It’s also a very tedious and erroneous process.

In fact, no serious Internet Entrepreneur is going to do keyword research and analysis manually without some kind of automated tools. Because if you do this by hand, you will never have time to do what matters most – that’s building your business.

So, what are the TWO most powerful and intelligent keyword research and analysis tools I use?

The answer: IMEye and Micro Niche Finder.

It’s beyond the scope of this article to discuss the features / functions and benefits of these tools. However, I have written 3 very comprehensive reviews for these tools; if you are interested in knowing more about these tools, please head over to the links below…

IMEye Review – The Artificial Intelligence Keyword Tool.

Micro Niche Finder Review – Quick Way To Find Profitable Niche Keywords.

IMEye Review – The Query-Based Keyword Research & Analysis Tool.

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