How to Drive Quality Traffic from Your Digg

Digg is a social media portal on which people submit content that is then voted on by the community as being good or bad. As a story on Digg gets more votes, it becomes more popular. In the following article we shall be discussing three unique tips to help you drive targeted traffic to your site or blog using Digg. You can use Digg to promote new product launches and and draw attention to your latest  Video Marketing campaign

Understanding how Digg works is the best way to get traffic from it. If you don’t understand social voting or how it works on Digg, you won’t send a lot of traffic from it to your site. When you’re getting started on Digg, you need to spend some time submitting general web content that you find as you surf. This will show you just which kind of content gets the highest levels of attention and how you can use that knowledge to promote your own site.

Once you have gotten to know Digg well and understand what makes it go, you will feel much better about entering your own content into the network and helping it get to the first page.

Remember, Digg is after all a social community, which means you’ll have to impress the users if you want them to Digg your content.

Try to become a top user at Digg. This is just one tip that can help you out quite a bit because the top users of Digg have lots of power. Regularity is important: be consistent when you submit high quality content to the system. If you let yourself just be another Digg user, you won’t really get a lot out of the site.

Your aim should be to grow your presence on Digg, so that it becomes easier for you to have your submitted content hit the front page again and again.

Last but not the least; don’t just submit your content to Digg and expect to get all the Diggs. You also need to go beyond and put in some external effort too. Putting the Digg button on your site where you post your original content is an example of this. This encourages regular visitors to your sites to Digg your content which can help your reach considerably. Remember: the more people who Digg your stuff, the higher it will rise in the program’s rankings and the more likely it will be to get to the front page. So take help from your existing visitors to grow your Diggs. All in all, as long as you continue to create quality content, you can get a bunch of exposure from Digg–after all, the system isn’t going anywhere. The real way to get big on Digg is to create content that is so worthy of attention that nobody can ignore it. Try to be unique in your approach and give the other Digg users something that they would be interested in.

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