Focus on your goals and don’t expect instant wealth

Everyone knows the world wide web is ‘different’, For whatever reason, individuals believe that it must be the best way to generate cash just by hurling a website up and awaiting individuals to toss money at you for your astounding product.

Even if you only have a little bit of business know-how, you’ll realize that shelling out a few grand on your fresh venture isn’t going to turn into hundreds of thousands in a couple of months.. Unfortuantely, it doesn’t work that well or that quickly and there are no guarantees that you will earn any cash. The web is littered with the carcasses of broken and failed sites which have usually been created with little investment, unrealistic expectations and worst of all, lack of focus.

Of course, the Internet can speed things up (even failure), but darting between different projects and paradigms is a sure way to failure because at its heart, you still need time and money to create wealth from your products.. You should in fact focus a lot more on just how and why you market when selling online because there are an almost infinite number of variables involved so tracking your changes can be almost impossible.For example, if you decide to get your SEO company working on a particular keyword, it will take months for you to discover if it will make you a return on your investment. And the position of the keyword in the search results is only one variable – what about your shopping cart, does it work? In fact, if you’re testing out your SEO training then you could become a little down when you find it doesn’t work.

If in your quest to find the magic ‘silver bullet’ which will bring you riches galore you keep changing course and direction, you can expect to gain practically nothing. Worst of all, you will learn nothing because constantly changing strategies means you can’t benefit from knowing whether the strategy you are currently using is working or not.

Unfortunatley, the Internet is a fickle beast and far from making the path to commerce an easy one with simple routes to riches, it can actually lead to false hope and raised expectations that are just ready to be knocked down.

No, should you be looking to develop a sound, practical on-line method you will need to look at off-line business and find out just how they do it. You’ll find that slow and constant wins the race and all those ‘get rich quick’ companies which seem to have appeared from thin air have in fact spent many years incubating and moulding their business to fit with the brand new paradigm.Learn through these people and you will actually make your ideas work. Expect wonders and like many others that have been burnt, you may suffer the consequences.

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