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In this short article I will explain how to get the most from your marketing and how to track results using 0845 telephone numbers so you can concentrate your efforts wherever they make the biggest difference.
Marketing is not a dark art or something that needs to be complex, you are basicaly communicating a message or idea to an audience, there are a lot of different ways to get the message across, on line advertising, television advertising, radio and newspapers are all available but it is the message that is important the delivery is just convenient, learning how to talk to your audience is the biggest tip I can give.
Speaking to your audience sounds a little simplistic but to do it right you need to follow some simple rules, one of these is ‘AIDA’ – Attention Interest Desire Action, using AIDA you can construct a message for any audience.
You need to gain the audiences attention there is nothing you can do with out the attention of your audience, once you have it you can move on with the rest of the message but getting and keeping the attention is vital, there are a number of ways of doing those and that is where the skills of the creative team come into play, but get that attention.
Interest, Once you have grabbed the attention of your audience it is time to keep the interest, talk about the issues your audience cares about, how will what you are marketing help the audience achieve their goal or improve their life.
Desire, Building the interest then leads to desire in the audience, your life will be better in this way if you buy this product, it will save you money or time or make you more attractive or cure that pain you have. When you are next watching television keep an eye on the advertisements and watch how they follow this pattern, a pattern that always ends with action.
The final part of ‘AIDA’ is Action, get the audience to do something, call the 0845 number, fill in the form, buy this product from┬áthis store. the action needs to be spelled out, do not depend on your audience to know what to do next, if you want your market to pick up the phone tell them too and give them the number.
To get ahead of your competition when it comes to marketing and advertising you need to track where your conversions are coming from, it is not good enough to know that 80% of your marketing works you need to know what 80% so that you can apportion resources to it. If you have 0845 or 0800 telephone numbers in your marketing material and use these as the action trigger you can see where your customers called from, when they called the duration of the call to the 0845 telephone number and a lot more. All this information can be used to ensure you market in the most efficient way possible.

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