Employ a New Marketing Strategy and Get Results

Many business owners et stuck in their way of doing things and it’s no different when it comes to marketing their business.  Often, they get stuck in old school mindsets and miss out on opportunities that their competitors capitalize on.  I want to share a handful of cutting edge marketing strategies; some of which you may be employing and others that you may want to test.

Online Marketing.  Also known as Internet Marketing, this is a broad team that covers marketing strategies related to generating customers and prospects from the Internet.  It is an intentional form of marketing, meaning that it allows a business to connect with those proactively searching for their products or services. It is critical to find a firm that understands your goals and can meet your budget.

Direct Marketing. This traditionally implies marketing via direct mail, and can be done to both cold and warm markets.  The return is exponentially higher when done with warm markets. For cold markets, a full campaign must be implemented for success, with significant returns starting between the third and fourth consistent mailing. Working with a one stop shop marketing agency that can create the mailings and coordinate the mailings can save you money.

Text Message Marketing.  One of the newest forms of marketing, yet also one of the most effective. Currently, text message marketing open rates are in the 90% range, whereas email marketing hovers in the 20% range.

Motorsports Marketing.  Believe it or not, motorsports marketing can be a lot more affordable than one might think. Obviously, you wouldn’t start out by sponsoring a major MASCAR team, but there are several local motorsports marketing opportunities that are very affordable for small businesses. A local motorsports marketing agency can help you find both local and national opportunities and show you how motorsports marketing can fit into your budget.

There are literally dozens of marketing strategies, however these are a few that can put you ahead of the competition if you take some initiative to get started sooner rather than later.


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