Discover What Your Competitors Are Up To

Starting any business requires extensive research. Whether your business is online or it’s offline, your competition must be studied. You can learn much from those who have already started their business. You can learn from their mistakes.

Not only will it teach you about your chosen business, but you’ll have a better idea of what you want to do with it. So now you know that you need to research your competition.

What’s the best way to do it? How can you best find out what your competitors are doing? You will soon see what tools are great for this purpose.

You may not realize it, but LinkedIn can tell you loads about your competition. You can find out hiring and transfer information, who’s working and who’s not. You’ll also be able to find updates on the companies whenever they release a press release or other materials. This advice is tailored more towards that person who wished to be a part of a certain organization. But there are constantly internet marketers advertising themselves on LinkedIn so you can always find out what they’re up to with this tool.

If you want a good way to keep track of your competition (and prospects), go to Collecta. It is something like the places on Twitter that inform you what is trending at any given time. This tool actually watches the searching trends of the internet in general. By visiting this site, you can learn what is being talked about and what people are searching for in real time. To make this even more useful, there is a widget that can be installed on your site that taps into this information. If you have a blog that is funded by advertising revenue, this can be very helpful to you. Using this can help you find topics to blog about or you can use it to help you come up with new product ideas. By finding out what many people online need, you can be there to give it to them. People are actually looking for more than the latest Hollywood scandals!

Google Finance is one of the best ways to track the financial practices of your competitors. This works better for bigger companies. It allows you to review income statements that have been filed by companies and business owners. This site also shows you any online activity about the business, such as blogs or news stories. If your competitors are individuals and small businesses, you probably won’t find out much about them here. If you are more established, however, and have larger competitors, then it could be very helpful to you.

Watching your competitors like this will probably make you feel like your crossing a line. To do this to an individual might get you into trouble! When you’re in any kind of business, though, this kind of thing is something you must do to stay ahead of the game. You need to know what others are doing so that you can do it better. The successful marketer is the one who can show that he or she offers the best value, and this isn’t possible without knowing the competition inside out.

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