Article Marketing 2.0 to Build Great Sticky Links

Marketing with articles is one of the best known processes for link building to your site and is still offered when deciding on one way link building services for your web page. It’s a labor intensive process and one that is dwindled in power over the past couple of years. But there’s still value in marketing with articles, especially if you add a little twist to it.

Something most web sites have in common is that they always want great content and if you’re the one to supply it, the results could be a large amount of links back to your website. But how do you come across these blogs or know what they are searching for ?

Well first of all you ought to locate well-liked subject areas to write about within your specialized niche. I will explain to you the fast way of achieving this, which costs money. And then a longer model, which is free of charge.

Market Samurai – Paid Selection

Market Samurai is a very good system for market research. One of the brilliant features is the “Find Content” part. Determined by a keyword it’ll lookup numerous web properties for related articles. It will then provide information on how often a post has been republished. This means it has been picked up by other websites and republished – very valuable information.

EzineArticles – Cost-free Method

If I am trying to find a number of quick ideas, I simply go my specialized niche in EzineArticles and look at the most viewed EzineArticles in that category. This would show you the most popular articles in your specialized niche (awesome information). You’ll then begin running several various searches for these on the search engines, i.e.

intitle: “article title”
intitle: “article title”   “author name”

The above mentioned commands will search for the article title within page titles along with writers name. You can experiment with this a little. It will not merely give you info on which content is popular but also provides you with a list of web sites that require and publish this kind of content material – very valuable information.

Following this process you ought to have a list of posts to create (or outsource to be written). Once you have the content prepared, create Google alerts to track each and every post. Just add the entire article title inside the “search terms” and deliver to your Google reader. You then wait to observe where your content get used. If you find it one some good websites, approach them and provide unique content in exchange for links back to your web-site.

This method cannot just build several excellent partnerships but can generate plenty of excellent back links. It makes building links with article marketing simple.

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