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How to Drive Quality Traffic from Your Digg

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Digg is a social media portal on which people submit content that is then voted on by the community as being good or bad. As a story on Digg gets more votes, it becomes more popular. In the following article we shall be discussing three unique tips to help you drive targeted traffic to your site or blog using Digg. You can use Digg to promote new product launches and and draw attention to your latest  Video Marketing campaign

Understanding how Digg works is the best way to get traffic from it. If you don’t understand social voting or how it works on Digg, you won’t send a lot of traffic from it to your site. When you’re getting started on Digg, you need to spend some time submitting general web content that you find as you surf. This will show you just which kind of content gets the highest levels of attention and how you can use that knowledge to promote your own site.

Once you have gotten to know Digg well and understand what makes it go, you will feel much better about entering your own content into the network and helping it get to the first page.

Remember, Digg is after all a social community, which means you’ll have to impress the users if you want them to Digg your content.

Try to become a top user at Digg. This is just one tip that can help you out quite a bit because the top users of Digg have lots of power. Regularity is important: be consistent when you submit high quality content to the system. If you let yourself just be another Digg user, you won’t really get a lot out of the site.

Your aim should be to grow your presence on Digg, so that it becomes easier for you to have your submitted content hit the front page again and again.

Last but not the least; don’t just submit your content to Digg and expect to get all the Diggs. You also need to go beyond and put in some external effort too. Putting the Digg button on your site where you post your original content is an example of this. This encourages regular visitors to your sites to Digg your content which can help your reach considerably. Remember: the more people who Digg your stuff, the higher it will rise in the program’s rankings and the more likely it will be to get to the front page. So take help from your existing visitors to grow your Diggs. All in all, as long as you continue to create quality content, you can get a bunch of exposure from Digg–after all, the system isn’t going anywhere. The real way to get big on Digg is to create content that is so worthy of attention that nobody can ignore it. Try to be unique in your approach and give the other Digg users something that they would be interested in.

Discover What Your Competitors Are Up To

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Starting any business requires extensive research. Whether your business is online or it’s offline, your competition must be studied. You can learn much from those who have already started their business. You can learn from their mistakes.

Not only will it teach you about your chosen business, but you’ll have a better idea of what you want to do with it. So now you know that you need to research your competition.

What’s the best way to do it? How can you best find out what your competitors are doing? You will soon see what tools are great for this purpose.

You may not realize it, but LinkedIn can tell you loads about your competition. You can find out hiring and transfer information, who’s working and who’s not. You’ll also be able to find updates on the companies whenever they release a press release or other materials. This advice is tailored more towards that person who wished to be a part of a certain organization. But there are constantly internet marketers advertising themselves on LinkedIn so you can always find out what they’re up to with this tool.

If you want a good way to keep track of your competition (and prospects), go to Collecta. It is something like the places on Twitter that inform you what is trending at any given time. This tool actually watches the searching trends of the internet in general. By visiting this site, you can learn what is being talked about and what people are searching for in real time. To make this even more useful, there is a widget that can be installed on your site that taps into this information. If you have a blog that is funded by advertising revenue, this can be very helpful to you. Using this can help you find topics to blog about or you can use it to help you come up with new product ideas. By finding out what many people online need, you can be there to give it to them. People are actually looking for more than the latest Hollywood scandals!

Google Finance is one of the best ways to track the financial practices of your competitors. This works better for bigger companies. It allows you to review income statements that have been filed by companies and business owners. This site also shows you any online activity about the business, such as blogs or news stories. If your competitors are individuals and small businesses, you probably won’t find out much about them here. If you are more established, however, and have larger competitors, then it could be very helpful to you.

Watching your competitors like this will probably make you feel like your crossing a line. To do this to an individual might get you into trouble! When you’re in any kind of business, though, this kind of thing is something you must do to stay ahead of the game. You need to know what others are doing so that you can do it better. The successful marketer is the one who can show that he or she offers the best value, and this isn’t possible without knowing the competition inside out.

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Home business Internet marketing has become essential for local companies?

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

On today’s fast changing market, home business Internet marketing has become essential even for local companies if they want to attract customers. It is pretty uncommon nowadays for a company not to have a web presence.

There are some that use only the virtual space for selling goods and services, and they lack a physical location; the business activity thus runs solely on the Internet. The maintenance costs are low and there are plenty of ideas and suggestions for home business Internet marketing strategies.

Use the available marketing strategies and methods knowledgeably. And this is in fact the biggest challenge for small investors. The importance you give to the home business Internet marketing pattern, for instance greatly, bears the influence of personal preferences, product features, budget and items quality. Besides these, there are more specific strategic home business Internet marketing decisions that you have to make, and which vary from situation to situation.

Marketing strategies ought to be tailored to business needs. A home business Internet marketing approach requires knowledge of how things work. Follow personal preferences in the way you advertise, for example. People who don’t like to write or read emails, will seldom use email marketing to promote their businesses. Yet, chances are that you will follow personal shopping patterns. When you go shopping and you get a bonus, a discount or a coupon, you enjoy saving money, and you’ll shop there again.

We have here referred to the way personal preferences and behavior influence the home business Internet marketing strategy. This is how clients adapt to the business requirements of their customers. Do a bit of reading online about the strategies that work best for home business promotion, while following the specifics of your occupation, domain, product and service. Little by little you will then learn to adapt to changing circumstances.

Most home business are limited by budget, and they seek inexpensive advertising solutions. Analyze several business models before deciding for the most advantageous one, and money will have a serious call in the matter. Informed decisions are therefore the most advantageous for the cost-profit ratio. Therefore, do not make rushed decisions and do everything in your power to maximize the efficiency of your home business.

Tips for Creating Your Own Products Easily

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Even though millions of marketers love promoting affiliate products, there’s nothing like the control and flexibility of marketing your own products. And now, keep reading to discover some excellent tips for product creation, and you can actually put them to use right away.

One of the least recognized product creation tips is something that has little to do with product creation at all. Baffled? If you’ve already completed a product and it’s selling well, wouldn’t it make sense to offer your customers access to updates for that product? So this means you’ll be able to release product updates to your old customers, yet new customers only see a new product. This principle is one of the major focal points for many software companies. They focus on tweaking and improving past products specifically to relaunch them to their markets. Internet browsers are always searching for the next new product they can purchase.

Offering a newer, updated version of an existing product could be what you need to entice more customers. Aside from this, you’re building a reputation for being dedicated to providing good value to your customers. You can create an entirely new product by revamping any existing product using plenty of different options. But how you can do that and what kind of changes you will be making completely depends upon your product. Work on giving your target audience what they want and they’ll keep paying to receive updated versions of your product. The most profound product creation that you can ever get is to focus on a certain problem and give the solution for it through your product. You can make a real name for yourself if your product fulfills the promise of the sales material – meaning… it actually works. As long as your product focuses on giving a solution to a real world problem, there’s nothing that can fail it. Do you market research. Once again… do your market research because that action can save you tons of anguish. Of course there really are no shortcuts here, but it can pay off in huge spades down the line. How about you? Do you have any problems that you’ve solved and others may also have? It stands to good reason that other people will have the same kinds of problems you faced in the past.

Some marketers like using private label rights content, or PLR, and it is all too easy to find it online. This is another example of leveraging your time because they typically don’t cost a lot, and you’ll be able to create a nice product from it. The key to success with PLR derivative products is to change them significantly so they really become unique, but you need to maintain the important information.

We encourage you to create your own products, but just be sure you keep learning and bearing the wisdom of others in mind.

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Don’t Get Left Behind – Video Marketing is the Future of the Internet

Friday, September 10th, 2010

As you well know, there are literally billions of website pages out there. Videos are huge, too, but it’s still quite young and only getting more massive each year. Reading books has taken a back seat to online videos. Most people are drop-dead lazy, and watching videos takes very little mental horsepower. Videos are preferred, also, because people are extremely impatient, and they can be absorbed and processed very quickly. Marketers long ago recognized the value in using video to offer their content. And it’s no secret that videos can be used on individual websites, as well. Marketer use video for the same purposes as any other marketing tool, but it can be much more effective. Let’s move on and look at how you can use video marketing to radically transform your online business.

Videos tend to educate the viewer and that’s one of the plus point of video marketing. Videos are not starting to dominate the search engines for nothing, for many people they are more convenient and can hold their attention a lot better, so – why not give your prospects what they want? Video marketing is the same as any other traffic source: create interesting content that will appeal to a group of people within a particular niche market.

It’s true that search engines index videos in a separate and different manner than regular content is indexed. What that means in terms of duplicate content is that you won’t have the identical concerns you normally would have. For instance, if you write articles and submit them to a number of article directories to build links, the majority of them get filtered because of duplicate content. You’ll find that your videos are processed in a different way with regard to SEO, plus you can get some excellent backlink juice from them.

Video marketing will add a dynamic element to your business because it’s versatile and you can try new ideas. It allows you to work with unique content every time, while you test and track people’s response. If you can understand your market well, your videos should be deadly effective in your marketing.

This a good time to begin using video because, really, not a lot of marketers use it. Basically you’ll just be making them and uploading to video sharing sites – mainly Youtube.

You should always test in your marketing and shoot for long-term results.

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Expert marketing advice

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

In this short article I will explain how to get the most from your marketing and how to track results using 0845 telephone numbers so you can concentrate your efforts wherever they make the biggest difference.
Marketing is not a dark art or something that needs to be complex, you are basicaly communicating a message or idea to an audience, there are a lot of different ways to get the message across, on line advertising, television advertising, radio and newspapers are all available but it is the message that is important the delivery is just convenient, learning how to talk to your audience is the biggest tip I can give.
Speaking to your audience sounds a little simplistic but to do it right you need to follow some simple rules, one of these is ‘AIDA’ – Attention Interest Desire Action, using AIDA you can construct a message for any audience.
You need to gain the audiences attention there is nothing you can do with out the attention of your audience, once you have it you can move on with the rest of the message but getting and keeping the attention is vital, there are a number of ways of doing those and that is where the skills of the creative team come into play, but get that attention.
Interest, Once you have grabbed the attention of your audience it is time to keep the interest, talk about the issues your audience cares about, how will what you are marketing help the audience achieve their goal or improve their life.
Desire, Building the interest then leads to desire in the audience, your life will be better in this way if you buy this product, it will save you money or time or make you more attractive or cure that pain you have. When you are next watching television keep an eye on the advertisements and watch how they follow this pattern, a pattern that always ends with action.
The final part of ‘AIDA’ is Action, get the audience to do something, call the 0845 number, fill in the form, buy this product from this store. the action needs to be spelled out, do not depend on your audience to know what to do next, if you want your market to pick up the phone tell them too and give them the number.
To get ahead of your competition when it comes to marketing and advertising you need to track where your conversions are coming from, it is not good enough to know that 80% of your marketing works you need to know what 80% so that you can apportion resources to it. If you have 0845 or 0800 telephone numbers in your marketing material and use these as the action trigger you can see where your customers called from, when they called the duration of the call to the 0845 telephone number and a lot more. All this information can be used to ensure you market in the most efficient way possible.

Learn The Best Tactics To Preserve Your Clients And Make Them Come Back

Monday, June 21st, 2010

1. You do not make individuals become safe when they order. Remind customers that they’re purchasing through a protected web server. Tell them you will not distribute their e-mail address as well as their information shall be kept discreet.

2. You do not make your advertisement duplicate attractive. Your advert lists functions as opposed to advantages. The headline does not attract at your target audience. You will not record any testimonials or guarantees included inside your advert.

3. You do not remind people to come back and check out. Folks typically will not buy the very first time they visit. The much more times they check out your web site, the higher the opportunity they will acquire. One of the most efficient way is to provide them a totally free subscription to your e-zine.

4. You will not allow people know something about your company. They’ll feel much more comfy if they know who they are purchasing from. Publish a section known as “About Us” on your site. Contain your organization history, profile of employees, contact data and so on.

5. You do not give folks as numerous ordering alternatives as achievable. Accept credit cards, checks, funds orders, and other forms of electronic payments. Take orders by phone, e-mail, site, fax, mail, etc.

6. You do not make your site appear professional. You need to have your own domain name. Your site ought to be easy to navigate via. The graphics ought to be connected towards the theme of your site. It is really simple to download some free website templatesthat may give your web site a expert seem.

7. You will not let individuals examine your ad prior to they get your freebie. Whenever you use totally free stuff to lure people to your site consist of it below your advert copy or on an additional net page. Should you record the freebie above your ad they may in no way look to see what you are selling.

8. You will not attract the target audience that would purchase your product or support. A straightforward way to do this really is to survey your present buyers to determine what attracted them to buy. This data can help you improve your target advertising and advertising.

9. You do not analyze and increase your ad duplicate. There are lots of people who write an ad copy and never alter it. You must continually test and enhance your ad duplicate to have the highest feasible response rate.

10. You will not give folks any urgency to get now. A lot of folks are thinking about your product but they set off purchasing it till later and eventually forget about it. Entice them to purchase now with a freebie or discount and contain a deadline date when the provide ends.

Customer Retention – Turn Lookers into Buyers

Monday, June 21st, 2010

One in ten prospective customers are all set to buy, as the other 9 do not have room in their present budget or are merely looking. Nevertheless they will probably be willing to purchase in the next 24 months, claims recent research by MarketingSherpa. Therefore it is your duty to remind them concerning your business all the time so they will come to you first if they’re willing to buy. This really is  customer retention at its greatest. Sadly, 64 percent of firms miss this opportunity to increase their revenue. It is important to nurture your potential customers for conversion later on in life especially during challenging economic times because only a small part of generated leads are likely to buy.

Do you even allow one of your prospects to go to your competitor rather than you? Here are 3 strategies to keep your customer retention and turn leads into customers: An integrated approach is employed to stay at the top of an individual’s mind, later on in life, here is the proper way to nurture your leads. This includes a mix of media for example direct mail, telephone sales, email, and even social media marketing. Listed here are a number of ways to use these channels:

Send direct mail postcards, an email invitation, post in blogs or on Facebook, or send tweets on Twitter with promotional sales messages. Just keep collateral in front of potential customers.

Just to keep your business at front and center, try telephone sales telephone calls with representatives that provides resources for example testimonials and etc over the phone.

You can even invite prospects on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, so that they will furthermore know exactly about the newest products or services, upcoming events, case studies and news report. They will probably recall you when they know something intriguing and beneficial.

Fast follow-up can be one of the ways in keeping rivals away into the picture. The truth is that callbacks within five minutes are probably to convert. The odds are, each 30 minutes or so, converting prospects decrease ten times and one more ten if it reaches an hour. (Source: A study by David Elkington of and Prof. James Oldroyd of MIT.) Waiting around 20 or more hours kills the chances of converting leads whatsoever. As a result, a great opportunity of boosting the revenue is skipped as 64 % of businesses wait for longer than a day to followup.

Sales reps are the starting and end when staying on potential purchasers’ radar. The representatives really loses the drive to keep the business on top of their heads if the prospects don’t respond to follow ups. How do you boost things? Score the prospects. Here’s precisely how: You have to rank the prospects from A-F and then talk to the sales department and determine what makes a high quality lead. Precisely what makes an A? High contact volume, event attendance, budget size, authority, and so on. As opposed to labeling leads cold and warm, this works a lot better. Last track prospects handed to the sales department by discovering which prospects were closed, and which had been dropped, and thus have no chance of becoming a sale until they are nurtured once again. To sum everything up, even in the course of economic crisis, customer retention really can boost your corporation’s income. But make sure that the prospects you generate are sales-ready.

Getting hold of Local Business enterprise Advertising Tactics That actually work

Monday, June 21st, 2010

When it comes to advertising their company, there are two main problems local business owners face.

This short article takes a look at both. The small company owner is trying to survive in the market place figuring out how to market them self more price effectively and this is tough.

What used to function without fail is now failing to work.

Fact – people do not go to their nearby yellow pages like they used to. The a number of people searching online continues to increase as its here people can find answers quickly. 

So, the two primary problems businesses are facing is this:

Customers are utilizing the web and really want to find local company products or providers. But, most small business proprietors don’t understand how to make proper use of the Web to be there when these clients arrive online searching for them.

Part of this comes down to a lack of advertising spending budget and not having an understanding of how the internet and search engines really work.

If you are a small business proprietor with a little marketing budget you don’t want to waste money and you need to know how to create price efficient marketing techniques.

One of the most singled out problems – most small company owners are pressed for time. It’s very difficult to find time to discover how to market position on the internet by yourself.

There are many marketing techniques the small business owner needs to master when it comes to internet marketing and then its getting the time to put into action the marketing strategy, and how do you know it is the right one.

There are both free and low cost types of advertising you can do, but once again these take time to plan and then implement.

Learning search engine optimization is what is recommended to businesses. But, how many small businesses have the time or the resource to master this skill set. 

A great strategy for small businesses is if they can discover a organization who meets their needs at a reasonable cost.

In reality for the small business owner it is better to outsource your marketing strategy and marketing campaigns to people who know what they’re doing on the internet.

There are of course workshops that can help you learn to figure it out for yourself.

There are numerous methods you’ll need in order to create a nicely rounded advertising campaign. It might mean not just using search engine optimization, you will also need to be utilizing other kinds of internet promotion such as the inclusion of social media using the likes of You Tube where you can post up your optimised videos, do press releases, and e-mail advertising.

Competitor analysis will be an important part of your strategy along with keyword research. If you want to find out more visit OnlineXcellence.

Employ a New Marketing Strategy and Get Results

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Many business owners et stuck in their way of doing things and it’s no different when it comes to marketing their business.  Often, they get stuck in old school mindsets and miss out on opportunities that their competitors capitalize on.  I want to share a handful of cutting edge marketing strategies; some of which you may be employing and others that you may want to test.

Online Marketing.  Also known as Internet Marketing, this is a broad team that covers marketing strategies related to generating customers and prospects from the Internet.  It is an intentional form of marketing, meaning that it allows a business to connect with those proactively searching for their products or services. It is critical to find a firm that understands your goals and can meet your budget.

Direct Marketing. This traditionally implies marketing via direct mail, and can be done to both cold and warm markets.  The return is exponentially higher when done with warm markets. For cold markets, a full campaign must be implemented for success, with significant returns starting between the third and fourth consistent mailing. Working with a one stop shop marketing agency that can create the mailings and coordinate the mailings can save you money.

Text Message Marketing.  One of the newest forms of marketing, yet also one of the most effective. Currently, text message marketing open rates are in the 90% range, whereas email marketing hovers in the 20% range.

Motorsports Marketing.  Believe it or not, motorsports marketing can be a lot more affordable than one might think. Obviously, you wouldn’t start out by sponsoring a major MASCAR team, but there are several local motorsports marketing opportunities that are very affordable for small businesses. A local motorsports marketing agency can help you find both local and national opportunities and show you how motorsports marketing can fit into your budget.

There are literally dozens of marketing strategies, however these are a few that can put you ahead of the competition if you take some initiative to get started sooner rather than later.