Youtube Streaming One Billion Videos Per Day

The rain cats and dogsing of England v Ukraine world cup qualifier has been judged as a streaming success after around 500,000 viewing audience tuned in.
Perform, the internet beam of lighter who showed the football (soccer) match after no offers came in from standard live internet tv broadcasters revealed that in an after match questionaire, 9 out of 10 viewers said that the send off quality was ok to good.

 The first of its kind stream is seen by many as a glimpse into the future, but by many more as a step into the past. Callers to radio stations have said that there were glitches in the stream, delays in commentary and even loss of picture unaccompanied.
Prior to the match, Perform had said it would cap the number of streams at one million to preserve the quality of the picture. The existent number of gainful viewers who paid between £4.99-£11.99 was estimated at around 250000-300000, although many came from a marketing deal with the online bookmaker Bet365, who streamed the game free to all customers with an account.

Andrew Croker, chairman of Perform said:- “it was an super successful and grounds breaking project”.
He added: “From a customer-service, production and statistical distribution point of view, we felt it went very smoothly.” According to its own survey, 87% of viewers said the match offered value for money and 89% said they would pay to watch sports online again.

Philipp Grothe, maneuver exec of Kentaro said the mannequin is probably to be replicated in future. “Not only have we delivered Britain’s largest ever live pay per view internet sports audience but commercially the venture has proved itself as a viable model for future games,” he said.The experiment was being nearly watched by rights holders globally, keen to see whether it can prove a viable alternative to marketing to a TV broadcaster and so help stoke competition in the market.

Youtube have announced that it is serving over one billion television receivers every day. That is a serious amount of time people are spending watching short videos and people falling over. The billion videos announcement was made by the CEO of YouTube in a blog post that marked the tierce anniversary of Google owning the site.

 The problem is that as online tv takes a hold in peoples lives, they will want to see premium content and thats what advertisers will pay for. Having a teenage market that enjoys watching someone throw up is not a great business model for the mighty Youtube. The betting is that Youtube has got all angles covered and will move quickly into a more profitable streaming model when the time is right.

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