How To Create Terrific Google AdWords Ad Copy

As a PPC, pay-per-click, advertising model, Google Adwords thus far is the standard when it comes to success and visibility. If we had to choose one thing to be able to do well when it came to advertising, that one thing would be writing excellent advertising copy. If you’re looking to improve your PPC performance, then hang-on because we have three great Adwords ad copywriting tips we feel can help you improve your ROI.

Be clear and concise at all times with any ad copy you write. Since a PPC advertisement doesn’t have a lot of space, you don’t have that real luxury to play with words. Google, and others are similar, allows you only 25 title characters and 35 main body characters; and that includes spaces, too! Get in the habit of writing your ads, and then you proof-read them very carefully and trim off all the fat. As always online, you will only have but precious few seconds to get ‘er done – capture reader attention and make them click to your offer. We know it’s not fair, but that’s life with all advertising and PPC in particular. You can test with using your pricing in the ad copy, and so you know that if anyone clicks through, then price should not be an issue. This can be actually a good thing to test because you will be potentially not only increasing your CTR, but people who do click through may be open to your price point. While a great CTR is great… we’d rather go with a slightly lower one but the final offer converts better. See?

You can actually benefit from doing certain things with the URL that gets displayed to the public. If you take a look, you will see a lot of advertisers who are not doing this. You see, the thing about it is that the display URL will definitely have an impact on CTR’s. As long as there is a match with the domain and destination URL, then you can do more with it. This is an old, but still effective, trick; and what you’ll do is make the file extension the keywords you want to use.

Asking the reader a very pointed question can have incredible results if you ask the right question and in the right way. If you stop and think about it, you have already done this a hundred times in your daily life. You want to nail them right between the eyes with your question; so get to the point, pronto.

All in all, from the above tips we understand that in order to write effective AdWords ads, you should focus on creating copy that is not only unique but also has the ability to attract attention. If you’re new to Adwords, or PPC, then you just need to get more confidence in your abilities, and that is where practice comes into play.

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