Easy Email Marketing Tricks You Can Use To Increase Your Internet Business

Email marketing is probably the oldest online business model. Many products and services are sold by online marketers every day by using email. There are some tricks to learning how to do it profitably, however. Let’s look at some proven strategies for using email marketing in a profitable way. And some traffic tricks are listen in a new system called Auto Mass Traffic and you can learn all about it in my other blog post.

Try to avoid dropping the ball with the simple stuff like testing out links in the emails you’ll be sending out. Obviously this is not a good thing, and you’ll only kick yourself when you eventually discover it. You’ll save headaches by simply testing things out after you have your campaign in place and ready for promotion. People will react in a different way to link text, so be sure to test it out. Apart from that, try to re-position your images like the buttons and logos. There may be differing opinions, but it should be safe to analyze your test results after two to three emailings. You’ll want to see how many people clicked through to your offers. Use this approach and test all you can, and then in time you will have a format that will assure success and good conversions on a more stable basis.

One time tested approach is to offer an ‘ethical bribe’ or a free ebook or video to subscribe. It’s almost always a good idea, and acceptable, to use the word “free” with list building simply because it still works. So if you’re looking out to add new subscribers to your list, then use a valuable bonus such as an ebook or a report, and give it away for free when they sign up for your list. And to make sure they type in a valid email address, make sure you set up a double opt-in form where they need to confirm their email before getting access to the bonus. No need to be concerned about people refusing the double optin, it is the standard in the email marketing industry and widely accepted by net users. Also, and most importantly it will serve to protect you from should you be accused of spamming someone. If you’re new or inexperienced, then just know that you want to setup an email campaign so you can keep in contact with your subscribers and build a good relationship with them. Keeping in a regular contact will help to build trust and a positive relationship. Remember visit my Auto Mass Traffic Review post to find how you can drive a lot of traffic to your promotions.

If you want to get read over and over, then you must give them what they want in the way of content. Thunderbird and Outlook have preview panes, so they’ll be able to get a quick glance if they want. You have to make sure you don’t let go of any opportunity to increase the open rate of your emails. Right from the subject line to the starting paragraph, all of it matters.

Especially if all of this is new to you, just keep learning from reputable sources and you’ll be fine. Even things develop and change, like email marketing, so it’s really important to keep your knowledge current.

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