Drawing good traffic from search engines make real money online?

How to get free search engine traffic? I bet lots of you have asked yourselves this question dozen of times before. Real money flows to those websites that draw good traffic from search engines. The web visitors that land on your web pages usually come from major search engines like Google and Yahoo! You can’t increase free search engine traffic unless you have something that SE want.

Good knowledge of how Google works and what mechanisms underlie online marketing promotion makes tasks less challenging. Make your content valuable and use relevant keywords with the right density so that SE perform a good indexation of your pages. Every search engine uses different algorithms to rank a page, you need to be aware of these when optimizing your site. From a very long list of criteria, inbound links, quality of links, quality of content and page uniqueness ought to be the first to start with.

Meta tags are also important when you have to attract more free search engine traffic. Meta tags are the descriptions included in the HTML code that are invisible upon page display, but which are read by search engine spiders. The problem is that online advertisers really abused of metatags, which forced search engine to move focus to other parameters in order to properly evaluate the value of  website. The idea is to keep optimizing meta tags; it doesn’t hurt even if you can’t hope for much from this direction any more.

Do your best to meet the work conditions of the three main search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo!. The other search engines usually pull results from the main ones; you will get good rankings and traffic from minor search engines if you rank high with Google. You should check how to get listed with Google and the other two, but take each at a time. For Google, admission is not easy; the SE has more complex selective criteria than ever. Provide interesting quality content, get links to your website and you’ll be in, and with a top position on the result pages.

Keep up-to-date with the latest online trends! Find out about the dark side of Internet marketing and keep your distance. You can make a mistake unintentionally, but this won’t save you from a penalty.

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