Do You Know This About Writing Google AdWords Ads?

Google Adwords ad copy is both hard and easy, and it really all depends on where you’re coming from – your current knowledge base. There are several things involved, here, but the main thing is understanding how to write short ad copy. Continue reading if you need some help with improving your PPC campaigns; we have a few useful ad copy tips to offer.

Avoid being cute or clever with ad copy – make your point and give solid information. Also just consider the very limited space you have in any PPC ad. You only have 35 characters in the main ad space, and only 25 for the title; and Google considers a space as a character. So make sure you cut down on all the unnecessary words and include only those points that make your advertisement more valuable. How much time will your fabulous ad copy have to convert someone? Oh… 3 seconds, maybe? If you think that’s bad, just imagine being anywhere but on page one. Now that’s depressing. You can test with using your pricing in the ad copy, and so you know that if anyone clicks through, then price should not be an issue. The thing to remember is that if someone is immediately turned-off by your price, then they usually will not click on your ad. Think about it like this; if a person knows they don’t want to spend on your price, then you will not waste any time on them by having them click on your ad.

You can discover so much about your writing and your market by simple split testing. But this is something you cannot rush or get impatient about. Test one element then move on the other and so on. Never change two different parts of an ad when you’re split testing. If you want brutal accuracy, then try testing for at least 1,000 impressions.

It’s pretty mechanical because once you are finished testing, then simply pick something else to test. Continue with your testing until you’ve gone through all the elements. Naturally, learn how to calculate conversion rate and that will be done with your click throughs and number of impressions. Your CTR of your ad directly relates to your copy and the conversion rate, as well. The next conversion rate will be that of your landing page, but they have to get there to convert or not. So that is why it’s critical to your success in Adwords, or any other PPC, to get those PPC ad conversions up to the green area.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit, and you can offer a glimpse into a personal story with your ads. There’s no better way to bring out the interest in your target audience than gain to their empathy or sympathy. So what you want to do then is make them think they can get the same great results you did. If you commit yourself and decide to learn how to succeed with Adwords, then that is a goal you can achieve. Not all campaigns will be winners, but that happens to everyone and don’t let it get you down. You can easily learn all you need to know about any kind of PPC and writing great ads; so do that and then set about changing your future. Item number one on your list should be to Google classified ad writing and learn what goes into compelling ads.

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