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Strategic Marketing Tools to help Small Businesses

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

There are many keyword research tools to choose from and for small business owners, it can be difficult knowing which tools to consider using on  a regular basis.

The team hear at IBMC have the opportunity to try out a number of different marketing tools to assist us in working with our clients.

These have included products such as
Keyword Elite
Google AdWords
Good Keywords and many others.

Many small business owners will no doubt have already possibly been guided towards some of these tools through the marketing efforts of those company’s who built and promote them via a number of channels.

So, which of the above tools gets our vote, or is there a tool that stands out above all the others that gets our vote? The answer is NO.

If like us you are doing keyword research every week if not everyday you will end up getting a variety of results using a combination of these tools since each of them bring different results to help us achieve our objectives.

But, we thought we would give a mention today too two more tools:
Market Samurai

Market Sumurai is more than just a keyword tool that we first got introduced too when it was still a beta program. It is packed with a number of features that helps us deliver detailed strategic analysis to our client base.

The enriched features built into the Market Samurai tool are:

  • keyword analysis
  • competitor ranking analysis
  • competitive adwords data
  •  monetization
  •  find subject matter content

There is much more, but these are just some of our favourites.

Linkdex is another tool we have really become excited about as it comes with a lot of important features that internet marketing website analysts like us have been crying out for. This is a tool that is suitable for both small and large businesses. It has a great feature of being able to plan your tasks and monitor what effect that task once in place is having on your key landing pages. And, when it comes to doing competitor analysis especially in the field of link building, we can think of no other tool that is so powerful in helping with what is a vital task in your marketing strategy.

The main features of the Linkdex tool are:

  • Web Author Task Manager
  • Keyword Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Site Optimisation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Building

To do internet marketing properly you have to learn how to tools such as Linkdex or Market Samurai, and this does take time as you need to know them inside out.

But lets make one thing clear, you have to decide early on whether you want to really learn how to make use of the tools yourself and do all the analysis that will help improve your website, or if there is no time in your working day to commit to these important task get someone sufficiently knowledgeable to do operate the tool for you.

We find that depending on the size of the small medium business, some owners will take the time required to learn the tool. Others have put in place an in-house web author who then comes under our guidance for a while until that person is fully up to speed in making efficient use of all the tools features.

What has become more encouraging is finding those companies we do work with using these tools are becoming more interested in the results produced which improves their competitiveness and supports the strategic marketing plan we have helped them to create in order to be one step ahead of their competitors.

If this is you, then consider working with IBMC, the Internet Business Marketing Company as your strategic marketing partners that help businesses do more than just search marketing, but deliver a complete online growth solution to your business.