Twitter Marketing Mistakes that You Must Be Careful to Avoid

Social networking sites have completely transformed the internet landscape, and Twitter is among the leaders. You can gain many prospects from Twitter, but you also have to know enough not to make the kind of mistakes made by many new marketers.

Twitter’s entire concept is relationship building and if you just go in there marketing to everyone without forming any of these bonds, you’re not going to go anywhere. It’s important to focus on forming relationships with your contacts before you even think about marketing to them. What you want to do is form such tight relationships with your contacts so that when you do advertise, they’ll think you’re just recommending things. Twitter marketing isn’t like other forms of marketing in that it’s not really marketing at all. It’s merely a tool to get to know your target audience. It’s a method to garner trust and to leverage this relationship in order to expose your followers to your products/services. You are just alleviating a problem they may have and this alleviation comes from the products you promote. It’s really about recommending the products instead of selling them. You must keep this in mind if you ever hope for Twitter to work for you. Ignoring those rules can sometimes make your business go bust. Consider how you would react to a stranger trying to sell you products from out of nowhere. You have to build a foundation here by sharing useful tweets that contain targeted information, only then can you think about working on the marketing part.

Some newbies commit the blunder of not updating and hoping that people will just instantly follow them. It’s another thing if you’re Ashton Kutcher but if you’re not, then you’ll have to put in regular efforts to follow people in your niche so that they follow you back. Oftentimes following someone instantly means they’re going to follow you right back. This is the first step you need to take with Twitter, as you’re just trying to get people to connect with you within the niche you’ve chosen. A good strategy is to follow experts in your niche, because when you have them on your list, it’ll do wonders when they actually re-tweet your tweets. That’s just how effective Twitter is for marketing. It’s a way to seek out prospects on your own, so that you don’t have to wait around for them to find you one way or another. Also, when you start building your follower list this way, it lets you target them, rather than adding random people to your list, which is a big plus point.

Some marketers commit the mistake of trying to form a mystery around themselves as they send out their communications. You don’t want people not knowing who you are or even why you’re on Twitter to begin with. If you want to succeed, you need to reveal yourself and give people what they want so they’ll trust you. Nobody wants to get scammed, and everyone wants to deal with someone they’ve begun to listen to and really follow. This is why you shouldn’t hide behind a nick name or a fake picture. In short, the mistakes that we discussed above are easy to avoid, but you’ll have to keep an eye out for new ones all the time.

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