The First Step Toward Driving Traffic To Your Website

Whether you are an online internet marketer, an insurance agent, or the proprietor of a boutique quilt shop if you have a website that no one can find, your website is worse than no good. It is costing you money and not bringing in the client?ss that you need to make your business profitable. The question is what to do about it. How does an internet marketer drive traffic to their website without getting themselves in trouble with their comptroller or with the search engines.  

Ultimately, realize that the very fact that you have a website means that you are indeed an internet marketer.  The difference is in how you convince your traffic.  What this means is that the same search engine optimization techniques that apply to the one who sells model railroad components as it does to the website of a cosmetic surgeon.

That said, there is an old proverb among search engine optimization experts that plainly says, “Content is King.” While the saying is old, not applying this truth is among the most common faults on the web at present. Far too many businesses put up a web page that says, “We sell lighting fixtures!” and gives their name, address, and phone number and that is all. Now imagine that someone across town sets up another website centralised on lighting fixtures, but rather than of one or two pages, they quickly build fifty pages about diverse light fixtures, how to pick out and install them, and even future developments that are coming down the pipe. Whose website do you think the search engines are going to rank higher? The second one, of course, because it is and has more about lighting fixtures than the first.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of search engine optimization techniques that will help drive traffic to your website and your business, but this is the foundation .  If your website does not have good content the rest of the techniques of an internet marketer will do your website little good.

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