Search Engine Optimization Really Is Black And White

The terms black hat seo and white hat seo come up every time somebody talks about search engine optimization. Many web site owners have different thoughts about what is black hat and what is white hat, but they can agree on one thing. Serious web site owners must know the difference between black hat and white hat seo methods if they want to survive online. I wrote this article to discuss black hat and white hat seo methods and how they can effect your site’s ranking.


White hat search engine optimization is the use of tactics that the major search engines encourage web masters to do. These tactics are seo activities that you would have no problem telling the search engines you are engaging in.


The use of black hat seo involves manipulating the search engines so that your site will get ranked quicker than normal. Google and Yahoo will usually drop a web site from the engines as soon as it finds out that black hat methods are being used. They may even decide to drop any websites you own from the search engines. Web site owners that get all of their traffic from the free search engines will be shut down in one night.


Why use black hat seo if it can get you banned from the search engines? The reason a site owner might use black hat seo is for the swift ranking he may gain for his web site. Examples of past black hat seo practices were key word stuffing, link farms, automated directory submissions, and even keyword stuffing a page with unrelated keywords in white font.


The problem with black hat seo is that it is always a short term fix. Using black hat seo tactics may indeed get you some quick rankings, but it will always get you banned from the search engines. Like one large Minnesota seo company says “it is not a question as to if you will get caught, but when you will get caught”.


Methods such as manual directory submissions, writing articles, and posting relevant and useful comments in blogs are all white hat seo link building activities. These methods will not only get you ranked well in the search engines, but they will also keep you ranked well in the search engines.


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