SEO Tools and How to Get Top Search Engine Rankings Naturally

January 8th, 2011

We mentor and train web authors who work under our guidance continually spending months in a rinse and repeat exercise of perfecting their website. Because, before we came along to assist them they had for months before hand been working away on their website only to discover that they were not appearing in the search engines for all the search terms they wanted to be found for.

Mnay small business owners are unaware of the changes that Google has made, and so mention the word Panda or Penguin and they think they are having a conversation with a zoo keeper.

But once we explain in laymens terms about both Panda and Penguin and why business owners should at least be aware of the effect these algorithms will have on their website, then it becomes clear why Google has not visited their website or possibly recently down ranked it.

Google is of course not only faster at what it does than a few years ago but it is also clamping down on those operate in bad neighbourhoods and try to trick the search engine.

Google can crawl your website content within a very short space of time now, but your pages have to meet a minimum standard to be accepted and then have the opportunity to rank for those keyword terms you are keen to arrive on page 1 for.

Notice we said Page 1 and not number 1, think conversion, don’t think about just how high you want to rank in relation to a keyword. Ranking is one thing, actually getting your visitor to convert and do business with you, that is the real goal of your website.

Pay attention to what the real world pracitioners in the field of Internet Marketing are telling you especially the trusted voices and start by putting in place the internet marketing basics.

Getting started is all about wanting to see your site appear in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. For this to happen, they have to crawl and then index your pages. They do this by sending out “bots”.

Think of Google like a huge hotel that has a room laid aside for each of your website pages, so you will get a room in Gods house for each and every page that you have on your website. But after you get the room, then a lot of hard work is ahead if you want Google for example to bring that page back out of the room and serve it up to someone who is looking for what you have to offer.

To have your website appear in the rankings you are going to have to convince the search engines your page/s are popular, but remember this is going to take time for that relationship to mature.

So how do you come to achieve getting ranked with this new web site?

One of Google’s founders, Larry Page, he produced an algorithm that assigned a numerical worth to a web site or page. If you want to see what this numerical value is that has been applied to your page that will be an amount between 0 and 10, then you will have to download the Google Toolbar to activate within that tool a feature called PAGERANK.

Now lots of people have mixed views about this little tab that appears in the Google Toolbar that when activated, and you looking at a page, you might find it is a little bit or a big bit green in colour. But there again it could be grey. Now you should not get fixated about this, but at the same time, Google didn’t provide this for nothing. It at least gives you and indication of the recognition been given to that website page you are viewing. This indicator whether showing green or grey has come about from having looked at your internet page and based on its relevance, authority, and it showing it is on theme and on topic by matching closely to what your visitor was searching upon using a key phrase, plus of course it takes into account many other calculations, then all this will decide where your page ranks and how important it looks to the likes of Google.

So, let us reiterate, what we are talking about here regarding this numerical value, it is called PAGERANK. It is a nice little indicator to let you see that your page is going in the right direction towards being search engine friendly.

One way to improve the PageRank especially if you find the PAGERANK TAB being GREY in colour is to try and get some links pointing towards the page from a combination of putting links in other pages of your website and point those links to this particular page you believe is important. And also, work towards getting other natural inbound links from other website pages that indicates that external page considers your website page has something of importance to say.

You can use great seo software to help you with this and we can teach you how to use it for around £30 a month, it is called LINKDEX.

This software will even tell you where your competitors are getting their good quality links from and what relevance the link is having towards their own website and its rankings.

Participating in forums and being a guest blogger on other websites and so applying links back to your own website will also help the searcher determine you’re extremely knowledgeable in your field of expertise and can assist the searcher with their decision making and possibly leading them back to your website. And so by applying these sort of BACKLINKS into a website may also improve your Page Rankings, and help your website achieve much better results with search engines.

And if your website pages have great high quality content and clear call to action buttons/images on the page above the screenfold then the searcher is more than likely going to click through to your goal page, which is the action you desire.

You can also increase your Page Rankings using Social Media Marketing tactics by tweeting out links that point back to your website, or create a facebook business page and target your demographic audience here and again apply backlinks to your main website about what you are writing about in Facebook to gain people liking you.

So the more your content material receives votes to those all important goal pages you have, the greater your site ranking.

You can create great social marketing material in a variety of networks that use text, audio or video, photos or slideshow, sites such as Flickr, You Tube, Twitter and Slideshare are just a few examples.

Make sure that material in these social media channels is entertaining, enlightening, and or educational.

Effective Internet Marketing Tips to Drive Traffic

January 8th, 2011

The result of all online business activity is the offer of your products or services. You’re doing the same as your offline business, you have a market and you attempt to capture attention so you can do business.

Determine the purpose of your business website, and take the time to create business goals. 

Do a marketing plan to map out your goals.

Consider a marketing budget.

Plan your website’s content. Ensure you have quality content.

How relevant and helpful is your content to your market and visitors?

When people visit your website, they should be able to learn something from it, something that keeps them coming back.

To get the best and most longevity from your site it’s best to update it with regular content. Naturally, this will help you to fair better in the search engines and will keep them returning to visit your site for updates.

Top 7 Most Effective SEO Approaches

January 8th, 2011

Just about any web expert that is a novice to SEO will probably question precisely what the most efficient search engine optimization methods will be to allow them to encounter success.  There are plenty of good techniques that you could make use of to know exactly what efficient SEO is about.  If you take some guidance and also adhering to any of these approaches you’ll be certain to save lots of guess work when attaining your top rankings among the top 10 search engines.

1.  Producing suitable content material.  When you have certain keywords included in your meta data and also title tags then be sure that the particular content you are producing will be tied up with these keywords and phrases.  You may lose credibility rapidly if you are leading consumers to content material that does not add up.

2.  Building links.  It truly is imperative for you to build backlinks towards your site to achieve top ratings within search engines.  The far more backlinks you construct to your website the more likely you tend to be to obtain attention coming from search engine robots.

3.  Pick the best key terms and key phrases.  Make sure these keywords and key phrases will be directly relevant to your written content that you will be supplying.  Key words can be very competitive thus be sure you are surviving among the competitors through picking the very best keywords and phrases for the content.

4.  Utilize social networking sites.  These are beginning to become included whenever search engines like google are crawling for content.  Find out what you are able concerning these sites and also pick up on methods to make them an effective usage of your time for you to produce results.

5.  Choose some great SEO software that can assist you on the SEO route.  You can find some great software that you can purchase and you will uncover incredibly beneficial outcomes by making this sort of an investment.  Check out the AffiloJetPack review to obtain an example of what is being said with regards to a certain SEO solution produced by Mark Ling.

It is oftentimes equally essential with internet marketing to learn what to stay away from with SEO methods:

6.  Do not get too showy on your internet site.  If you are focusing an excessive amount on looks subsequently search engines like google are not able to find you.  Try to avoid Flash players simply because search engines and site visitors get pushed away from these irritating tools that you may bring to your internet site.

7.  Don’t submit your website to search engines.  Search engines are crawling to get internet sites to include in their top rankings all the time.  You will waste time and money by submitting to search engines.  You don’t need to look for them, if you’re applying useful search engine optimization strategies they will discover you.

When It Comes To The Best Search Engine Optimization, Content Is Crucial

December 26th, 2010

Any time you are looking at any type of media channels or entertainment whether it be movies, video, music, magazines or books; different content, fresh stories, brand-new songs is and frequently will be the crucial to achieving success along with expansion. Relating to your website and how the major search engines rank it, this easy truth is no different. Your web-site must have fresh and authentic subject material if it’s to survive in a increasing competitive internet marketplace. 

Have you contemplated precisely how search engines like for example Google get the content to reply to a users search request? Night and day big search engines such as Google, Msn and Yahoo dispatch search bots to spider the enormous reaches of the internet hunting for and indexing the latest and finest in website content. For the reason that want to supply the very best search results as they possibly can, among other things, they would rather reply with new and up to date content.

Thanks to this requirement for newly up-to-date material, you will tend to notice Blogs gain a high position in the search engines as a result see the benefit of better web traffic. However their search engine optimization (SEO) push should also be appropriately designed. Considering a number of these websites make use of WordPress, they have a tendency to be configured in a way Yahoo wants and of course, their updated document post as well as the remarks and feedback they acquire is a big help. A website with no content staying up to date or not enough visitor activity will find itself shortly turn out to be dry and dated.

Aside from being completely new, another necessary step to consider on how a search engine could figure out how best to rank your site high is how you conduct the best Search engine optimization with regards to your content material. The best Seo is frequently obtained from the presence of keywords in your content material. If you’d like to realize Google rankings for a key phrase such as “SEO Consultants” or “SEO Services”, you have to be sure that you reference that keywords phrase a few times inside your article so the search engines will associate that phrase together with your web site. However be careful not to do too much of it. Search engines will note that as a indication that you are purposely looking to outsmart them and may punish you for that by simply determining a lower rating to that one web page therefore hindering its serps (search engine ranking position). 

It is necessary that the content you furnish be exclusive. Which means that there shouldn’t be 10, 20 or even more replicates of your article in other places on the net. Google is clever enough to identify this and when there’s replications, you simply will not obtain as much position benefit as you would if it ended up being distinctive. There are 2 main purposes to having good information. One, so that you keep the site visitors interested and returning for more which translates to higher web traffic and two; so that the search engines will take notice of you and position you high amidst the search rankings. There is a fine line between pleasing both the visitor to your site and the search engines so do your very best to satisfy both when designing your content material or seek out an SEO – Search Engine Optimization company consulting service to help you do it right.

Ideas to Create Effective Landing Pages

December 25th, 2010

If you want to maximize the amount of money you make from your traffic then you need to create profitable landing pages. No matter how you’re getting visitors to your site and no matter how targeted they are, if you’re not going to focus on your landing page then there’s no use. You too can create landing pages that convert, on demand. This article provides you with the tips you need to get started. Landing pages is by no means , a brand new type of marketing , but it’s still extremely effective.  

If you know a bit about copywriting, then you’ll know that there are a number proven copywriting formulas that have helped companies achieve millions of dollars in sales every year. Therefore, if you want your landing page to generate good conversions you will have to use a proven formula. Your landing page needs to use emotion and logic to convince your target market. To start off, you can use the famous AIDA formula to create your landing page’s copy. AIDA is nothing but Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Copywriters and internet marketers have been using this formula quite effectively for a fair amount of time. The idea is that in order to close the sale more easily, all landing pages should include these important elements. If you forget just one of these, you will be unable to correctly deliver your message. An effective landing page requires a strong, relevant headline. To ensure you make a sale you need to talk directly to your prospect through your copy. Unless you inform people of the unique selling proposition of your product, you stand little chance of seeing great results, even with fantastic copy. If for example, your ads say that you’re giving away absolutely “Free Laptops”, and you’re not doing it in actuality, then your conversion rates will hit rock bottom. If your headline matches what your landing page offers then you have a better chance of seeing positive results and compelling your audience to read more.

Always remember to focus on your visitor more than anything else. Your prospective buyers will respond better if you talk to them instead of only about your business. Instead of using words like “we” or “us” use “you” and “your”. This helps you build a relationship with the person reading your site and that is important because people are more likely to buy from someone who talks to them directly. Remember, that learning to create profitable landing pages is one of the fundamentals of internet marketing that has the highest impact on the amount of money you make. Using these tips in your landing page creation will allow you to get the most out of it, so make sure you don’t ignore them.

Do not Commit These Adwords Mistakes That will Price You A Fortune

December 25th, 2010

If your goal is targeted traffic, Google Adwords is incredibly handy. It is a paid for advertising channel you have to consider but occasionally you’ll want to use it as a turbo booster.

You are about to read about some Adwords mistakes that are commonly made that you need to stay away from.

The initial mistakes some people make is making use of key phrases with Adwords which are too generalized. With Adwords, you might have to be specific, the more relevant your keywords are, the far better outcomes you will get. You’ll find that most people today think they just put money into Adwords and it will begin working for them. But, it is not as easy as it sounds. In the event you use broad key phrases, you might feel a lot more traffic will come in, but in fact you might just lose your investment. Try and use those key phrases that target the services and products you provide, and stay away from any broad phrase terms.

Another blunder people usually make is not being focused on the selling point of whatever product is offering. It’s important to stand out from the competition and also the very best approach is to identify what makes you distinct. Concentrate on your exclusive selling point.

Go with a modest spending budget until you know your campaign works.

Online Marketing Strategies

December 25th, 2010

When it comes to the latest marketing strategies, there are a number of systems that have taken their combat to cyberspace. Regardless of the economic recession, there have been a number of formations declaring the online war. For this, there are many reasons. One sure reason is that you are able to spend even little money on online commercializing compared to the huge sums involved in orthodox commercializing. Utilizing numerous of the online selling schemes present would assist you increase your profit margins and even create a great sense of awareness too.

As we ave already mentioned, there are a number of online merchandising schemes in use and you can select your own with a little research on the internet and study of your own business. Although world Wide web has been here for sometime, no one was really showed proactive attitude towards creating a full fledge commercializing platform on the internet for the benefit of all types of merchandising activities. Thanks to the cyberspace, the countries of the world has become closer than ever. With this, most organizations can reach out for larger customer base across a large geographical area without much problem.

This is why the online selling strategies have been given quite an importance nowadays. Although the internet does wonders, transition from conventional selling to online selling has been somewhat slower than the anticipated It is never late for someone to get into the net due to the fact that the large scope of the net. What you need to asses is that how your business will do in the cyberspace and how it will face the challenges the cyberspace hold for it.

Eventually remember that you can severely tap into numerous online commercializing strategies once you consider the numerous commercializing consultant firms that are out there. Online commercializing arrangements do have their own online commercializing strategies to help you out with refining your marketing approaches and enhance profit margins. All in all, with such a huge scope available online, it would be detrimental to your company and brand not to uncover it to the online sphere. There is just too much of an chance that is present within net for you to ignore. One of the greatest things that you can do is to consider your competitors online and what gains they have made: this is the ideal test to see whether you should also make it to cyberspace.

How to Succeed With Your PPC Campaign Through Adwords

December 25th, 2010

Google is not only one of the biggest online companies, but they also retain the rights to most of the internet as we know it.

When Google first began, a way to make money hadn’t been created, but then they created an ad platform where people bid for the best placed ads. That’s what we know of today as Google Adwords, and it’s one of the most intellectually sound ad implements you can find online. Probably the greatest thing about Adwords is how you can target any market, in any location on Earth, and you will get the traffic you want. That is what you can get with Adwords, and if you are thinking about starting then you should study a few tips that can help you succeed.

What you want to do first is get a keyword tool and really start broadening your keyword research. The Google Adwords keyword tool is only one of the implements you can use, and everyone else is using it, so get out there and use more so you can get more accurate results. Instead of that use other keyword tools such as Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, Online Thesaurus, etc. You will want to look at words that relate to your keywords, and also ones that may not be spelled the right way. When you go through this method and use many different ways to narrow down on valid keywords, you should find all those keyword terms that few others or no one else is using for their AdWords campaign.

Don’t forget to track your keywords to know which ones are performing and which ones are not. You will always want to know which keywords make sales and make you money. While there are more than a couple programs track keywords, using Google Analytics to get results. It takes no time at all to get started and you can start using it right away.

You may also view each individual ad campaign to determine its success or failure. Track the performance of your landing pages using Google Analytics where you will see all your site’s statistics, such as how much traffic it got, how much of that traffic converted, etc.

To advertise, using PPC is not free. That is the reason why it’s important to consider how much you’re investing vs. how much you’re getting in return. That’s why tracking your converts is so important to your overall success.

The standard in the conversion ratio department is 1% – which is getting one lead/sale/action for every 100 clicks you receive on your ad. For example, if your CPC is fifty cents, then one hundred clicks should be fifty dollars. Your conversion rate is so important because it can mean the difference between success and failure.

So you see that Adwords isn’t the most effortless platform to use, but it’s not really that difficult as long as you study what to do. If success is something you’re hoping for when using Adwords, you need to listen to the above techniques and never stop trying. You must test your ads, and change them as you go to make them better and better.

Free Search Engine Optimization Tips to Market Your Business

December 25th, 2010

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is necessary for your business website to attract traffic to rank higher in search results. However, topnotch search engine optimization services don’t come cheap and low-priced SEO services could end up costing you more than you bargained. Many such services use unethical SEO strategies that get brilliant results in the short-term but risk your website’s removal from Bing, Google, and other search engines. Small businesses typically do not have the extra dollars to hire skilled SEO services and pay for often used keywords against competition that is prepared to pay top dollar.

Small businesses can try to increase the natural ranking of their website. Take for example the option of using non-textual media to generate traffic. An innovative opening has come up with Google’s Universal Search concept that brings attention to videos, images, maps etc. along with the regular search results. Other free of charge SEO strategies that can help your website ranking in search results are:

1. Adding your details to Google Places 

Google Places listings display your business for several keyword phrases in your local area, with your business name, a map with directions to your business and your address, phone, email, and website URL if any. Use this opportunity to advertise your business irrespective of it being an online or physical retail store. List your business address here and include important keywords in the listing title and details. The information is verified before your registration is approved. Request customers to publish their review of your business in the Google Places listing and get links from other websites such as commercial directories, yellow pages, etc. Similar features are also offered by other players such as Yahoo! Local.

2. Registering your business on Google Product Search

Build a product feed and include particulars such as description, pricing, specifications, benefits, and other information. Make sure you include important keywords, the brand name, and product name in the title and description of the product listing. Product reviews make the seller’s claims sound more trustworthy. Encourage clients to leave reviews by offering discounts or similar benefits.

3. Create a buzz with social media websites

Social media networking is the hottest trend in promoting a business or a brand. These websites are the social hub of countless users and perfect to spread the word about your business. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter can divert traffic to your website as “most searched” topics often get selected by search engines.

4. Using multimedia

When clients enter some keywords into a search box, their main idea is to get information. Multimedia such as videos, audio files, animations, etc. can also fulfill this requirement. Of course, the title and description of the multimedia content should include popular keywords to make it come up in search results. Again, customer reviews and feedback helps your credibility. If your video is informative and liked by people, more of them will post links to the video or tag it as their favorite, thereby improving your brand visibility.

5. Publishing articles related to latest industry news

Most search engines want to display articles on trending topics. Develop articles that revolves around pertinent trending topics and include targeted keywords in the title. Good content are linked to by bloggers and other websites. It helps drive traffic to the site.

These suggestions should help small businesses jumpstart their SEO initiatives. Without applying basic SEO tactics, a business website cannot attract traffic. Even if marketing is not the main object of your website, not optimizing it is wasting an opportunity. Websites cannot miraculously improve revenue or add to your customer base. Some selling is a must, and SEO is the least expensive means of pulling in traffic. Daljeet Sidhu is the author of this article.

Straightforward Internet Marketing Techniques That Are Effective

December 24th, 2010

Promoting a product or a service online involves many different techniques that you should apply to see long term results. This is why Internet marketing looks so complex to many new marketers.

These marketers end up not knowing where they are going because they get lost. The best approach to Internet marketing is to start small and gradually grow your business so you can learn from your mistakes. This article will cover a couple of internet marketing techniques you can employ that will assist you in your quest for financial independence.

Content is king when you are marketing online. You can satisfy the desires of your target audience using many methods, but none are as effective at providing value as quality content. So whether you’re posting articles on your site, creating videos for your audience or just publishing a newsletter, it’s important to focus on content that is highly useful and unique in nature. If you have good content it will benefit you in more ways than one. First, it will help you create a powerful brand and make people trust you. You will also find that search engines will appreciate your site since it has quality, relevant content that offers visitors a lot of value. Additionally, the only way you can be different and stand out from your competition is by providing top notch content unlike anyone else. It is an excellent way for you to find success with your internet marketing.

Blogging is a critical element to being successful in internet marketing and creating your brand. Even though there are virtually thousands of blogs started up daily, only a few of them survive and make it. Your goal with blogging isn’t to do it as a hobby but to help promote your product or service. You will find blogs very effective and that is because the search engines really like them which will make the task of generating targeted traffic much easier.

However, you should start blogging immediately if you haven’t yet started because this will provide an excellent platform for you to provide value through great content and to interact with your audience.

When you have an online business or a website that you want to market, you will have to exploit as many avenues as possible. In fact, email is one of the simplest methods to boost your traffic. Everyone exchanges emails almost daily with other people and use it for networking. Also, new people communicate with us via networking. Additionally, you often correspond via email with people looking for assistance in your particular market. When thinking of how much you use your email, wouldn’t it be a good move to make sure your signature features your website? Your email, subsequently, become a strong marketing message and every person that receives your email becomes a possible client. All you need to do is to ensure you are targeting the correct people with your email signature and everything will go smoothly.

All in all, Internet marketing can be seen as a growing medium with more and more businesses realizing its potential. Businesses of all sizes are employing online promotion techniques from affiliate marketing to viral marketing. Because the Internet can access every inch of the planet, it is the most efficient marketing tool available. Even those who don’t believe in the power of internet marketing will soon see for themselves how much success it can achieve.