Are You Making these Common Link Building Mistakes?

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Plain and simple, backlinks equal money. It is common knowledge that a high ranking site gets a lot more visitors than a site that is not ranking that well and those extra visitors increases the amount of earnings that the site produces. That is the reason why backlink services are in high demand and get paid their asking prices.

People buy backlinks from high pagerank sites all of the time and it does work at improving their ranking. There is good news for those who can’t afford these services; it is easy to this yourself with a little instruction. Building free incoming links is the number one way of rising in the search engines and getting higher Google Pagerank without spending a dime.

There are hundreds of authority sites that you can find by doing a little research and the best thing is when you place your backlink on the site you will be awarded by the search engines as being affiliated with it.

Many SEO firms don’t include these type of backlinks as a service to clients because they are time-consuming to place. These free links are all over the web and waiting to work for any site who’s owner takes the time to add his backlink there. This works really well but you really need to be sure that you aren’t getting backlinks from a site that can hurt your rankings. Sometimes it is easy adding backlinks to low value sites. This article outlines some of the major mistakes that can be easily avoided if you put in a little effort.

One of the mistakes most people make is only linking to their home page and none of the others. It seems logical, but what you are doing is making your home page rank higher while the rest stay the same. To get optimal results, you want each page to focus on its own set of keywords. You need to build links to the other pages of your site to rank for more keywords. It might even be a better idea for someone to find your site through a page on your site that contains the keyword they were looking for because it is more targeted to their search. Last but not the least, it turns out to be easier to get a backlink to various other pages.

One easy but powerful way of gaining backlinks is to contact other site owners in your niche and ask them if they will link to a particular page on your site that their visitors will find interesting. Your main page doesn’t really contain any specific content so it is impractical for someone to give you a backlink to it.

The most frequently made backlinking mistake is probably failing to recognize that quality is more important than quantity. You might assume that 10 links are better than 1. The fact is, however, that the search engines pay quite a bit of attention to where the link comes from. It’s better to have high quality links than simply a large number of them. For instance, having a backlink coming from an authority site is way better than getting 10 links from low-quality sites that are spammy. The best kinds of links of all to get are those that are from well ranked sites in your own niche; these are much better than a high number of low quality links. Your website can even lose ground in the rankings if the search engines see too many low quality links and label you a spammer or black hat marketer. Don’t believe in any link building strategy that promises you fast results with no effort. Face the fact that building links takes some time and work, and focus on creating high caliber content on your own site while finding well regarded sites in your niche to network and exchange links with.

Don’t make another frequent mistake, that of neglecting to use ALT text when an image are the only option you have. You have to take what’s available sometimes, and even though images are not usually as helpful as text links, they still count for something. Don’t forget to place your chosen keywords in the ALT text of the image link.

Only if you can learn to do this stuff right; you will see immediate results in your SEO efforts. Your website’s staying power does depend on something as simple as the way you build your links.

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