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Are You Making these Common Link Building Mistakes?

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

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Plain and simple, backlinks equal money. It is common knowledge that a high ranking site gets a lot more visitors than a site that is not ranking that well and those extra visitors increases the amount of earnings that the site produces. That is the reason why backlink services are in high demand and get paid their asking prices.

People buy backlinks from high pagerank sites all of the time and it does work at improving their ranking. There is good news for those who can’t afford these services; it is easy to this yourself with a little instruction. Building free incoming links is the number one way of rising in the search engines and getting higher Google Pagerank without spending a dime.

There are hundreds of authority sites that you can find by doing a little research and the best thing is when you place your backlink on the site you will be awarded by the search engines as being affiliated with it.

Many SEO firms don’t include these type of backlinks as a service to clients because they are time-consuming to place. These free links are all over the web and waiting to work for any site who’s owner takes the time to add his backlink there. This works really well but you really need to be sure that you aren’t getting backlinks from a site that can hurt your rankings. Sometimes it is easy adding backlinks to low value sites. This article outlines some of the major mistakes that can be easily avoided if you put in a little effort.

One of the mistakes most people make is only linking to their home page and none of the others. It seems logical, but what you are doing is making your home page rank higher while the rest stay the same. To get optimal results, you want each page to focus on its own set of keywords. You need to build links to the other pages of your site to rank for more keywords. It might even be a better idea for someone to find your site through a page on your site that contains the keyword they were looking for because it is more targeted to their search. Last but not the least, it turns out to be easier to get a backlink to various other pages.

One easy but powerful way of gaining backlinks is to contact other site owners in your niche and ask them if they will link to a particular page on your site that their visitors will find interesting. Your main page doesn’t really contain any specific content so it is impractical for someone to give you a backlink to it.

The most frequently made backlinking mistake is probably failing to recognize that quality is more important than quantity. You might assume that 10 links are better than 1. The fact is, however, that the search engines pay quite a bit of attention to where the link comes from. It’s better to have high quality links than simply a large number of them. For instance, having a backlink coming from an authority site is way better than getting 10 links from low-quality sites that are spammy. The best kinds of links of all to get are those that are from well ranked sites in your own niche; these are much better than a high number of low quality links. Your website can even lose ground in the rankings if the search engines see too many low quality links and label you a spammer or black hat marketer. Don’t believe in any link building strategy that promises you fast results with no effort. Face the fact that building links takes some time and work, and focus on creating high caliber content on your own site while finding well regarded sites in your niche to network and exchange links with.

Don’t make another frequent mistake, that of neglecting to use ALT text when an image are the only option you have. You have to take what’s available sometimes, and even though images are not usually as helpful as text links, they still count for something. Don’t forget to place your chosen keywords in the ALT text of the image link.

Only if you can learn to do this stuff right; you will see immediate results in your SEO efforts. Your website’s staying power does depend on something as simple as the way you build your links.

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How To Use External Links

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Value of External Links – External links serve an important function for online content providers. They connect online content and articles through a hyperlink. The object of such link is to stimulate additional website traffic to specific sections of the publisher’s website. Traffic may also be generated from third party websites. External links are also very valuable tools for search engine optimization. Very often articles published online may remain invisible with regard to traffic. External Links serve as a key tool to direct additional website traffic which may otherwise not be available.

Implementing External Links – One unique method which has proved very efficient is through the use of appropriate content to stimulate traffic from outside sources. The issue here is that an article for instance posted on any particular website needs to be discovered by internet surfers. External links are used by web crawlers to map out and register new information for search engines identification. Other ways of using external links is through article linking. This process may help writers link up their postings in various websites.

Providing Quality Content – Not all contents are useful to internet users. Some are packed with important information which has value to website users. Unless contents and articles meets these expectations, the tendency for them to attract external links may be small. The more quality your contents appear, the odds that other sites may want to place links to it is greatly improved.

Ways to Place your External Links – All external links have one purpose. They drive needed traffic to one’s website. One method which is often used is through article writing for article marketing. How does this method work one may ask? The first method is to write an informative content in your website blog. The next step is to locate highly visited websites which offer visitors opportunity to input their views and comments. One could use such opportunity to write and post an inquisitive introduction to their posted content. If such introduction strikes the readers enthusiasm, it is highly likely that the reader may follow your external link to the article itself thereby directing much needed traffic to your blog.

Advertising Purposes – Keyword advertising continues to grow as online marketers have found them very useful in directing or redirecting traffic from outside sources through external links. Through this method using careful keyword research, a publisher or marketer may link up certain portion of their website through using Search Engine Optimized key word advertising. When information are sought from the internet, the seeker often use some keywords in their query. The search results highlights top websites where such key words are found.

Search Engine Ranking – A publisher may also benefit from using external links to boost their ranking in search engines. The often preferred technique to attain this goal is through search engine optimization. The more links pointing to a website, the more likelihood that the search engine ranking may be high. The importance of search engine ranking could not be overstated. If your website is ranked on page one of major search engines, it would greatly improve the level of traffic to your website.

Establishing your Links – There are some technology available today which may help anyone to build and increase their external links. One method is to use Back Link Builder program. This software can assist you to identify websites with similar contents to yours for linking purposes. The good news is that many websites would accept linking your contents if they offer additional insights to theirs.

Best Tips To Get The Most From Your Article Writing

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Article writing has evolved over time and has gained a unique position in the Internet marketing field. Articles are not only used for website content, but they are also used for promotional purposes, and they can certainly work wonders. The internet is a visual medium, and for so long it was confined to the written word, and that is perhaps the main reason for that. Whether it’s for getting search engine traffic or visitors from other sources, good content will always pay. We’d like to go a little bit further with some article writing tips designed to help you with your business.

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The most important part of your article is the purpose. You need to be very clear about the purpose of your article and what it is about. Being able to do this is the only way to create great content. When you’re writing for the internet, you are creating a different article than if you were just creating a general article. That’s when you’ll want to secure your reader’s attention and then informatively guide him through the rest of the article. For this reason, you’ll want to use the initial paragraph to state the purpose of the article. Most article writers present an issue and then offer ways to get rid of that issue. Readers will then know what you are referring to and will understand what you’re trying to say more effectively.

When you’re writing articles, remember to make the reading and understanding process as easy as possible. The basic approach is to just write a quick outline for your article, and then make it organized. Avoid making your sentences and paragraphs too long and wordy. That basic format will greatly help your readers to understand your points and read it a bit quicker, too. There’s a common standard or guideline to have no more than 5 sentences in your paragraphs.

A new course is causing quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community and you can find more information about this on the affluence showcase.

You probably already know this next one, but we want to make sure and mention the importance of proofing your articles prior to publishing. It’s just a simple precaution because every writer makes mistakes – bar none. If you create a negative impression with mistakes, then what it really means is that you’ll be sabotaging your work. And you never want to look unprofessional to anyone. You’ll never want to create the impression in your readers that your content does not matter.

Writing great articles is more than a formula, and your personal habits and attitudes will play a major role, as well. The tips discussed about time management, focus, and goals will really take your writing to another level if you use them. You’ll notice, in time, that if you work to implement these various suggestions, then your particular process for writing content will improve, vastly.

DoFollow and NoFollow Links Explained

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Backlinks are important on your rankings within the search engines. Just because you could have glorious content or you might be an skilled in your subject does not imply that you’ll move from that millionth place we spoke about earlier on this article. Backlink Build offers you the value you want with the results you need.


Anchor texts are pretty robust and in high demand by the major search engines these days. So, every web site desiring to get ranked highly should be sure that this Backlinks building methodology is included in their total SEO. Anchor text shall be totally different for each URL. I will not settle for: -Not more than 5 hyperlinks per day -No Hyperlinks in feedback, weblog feedback & weblog spots.


Backlink is a Links or a path that results in a web site or article. Often this backlink is a Link that results in a particular deal with so as to add more detail. Backlink is somebody that have hyperlink your blog. Whether it is dofollow, it is going to indexed by google bot and can mirror positively in your page rank in next google update. Backlink is a very powerful idea in building Link popularity online. It’s used to increase your publicity to search engines.


Nofollow on a backlink says one thing. It say the originating web site does not endorse the link. Nofollow is a method to prevents search engines to be index your website on different websites. The nofollow is ineffective for SEO purposes, but you possibly can nonetheless attract guests to your website.


website positioning is just like grammar in English. If you recognize what to do and in addition where to do in your site your website will rank higher. search engine optimisation, PPC , and social media will simply be different channels to use in the total advertising and marketing process. Smart companies will get an advantage primarily based on what they do with the opportunities that each of these current, but, ultimately, web advertising by way of these channels will look extra like marketing used to twenty years ago. Search Engine Optimization experts will always be in need because none of those parameters will every truly die though they may solely be a small fraction of the significance they used to be.


web optimization firms like Grasp Google also present many providers in the line of content material creation as well. Master Google supplies a Press Release service where clients can join singular writings or regular intervals of press releases. website positioning Backlinks building will be performed very effectively by means of online directories. There are free and paid online directories. SEOs will hardly predict how massive a great Link Worth must be, as it’s too particular person and it is not the precise relevent Links Worth figure that matters. The necessary level in Dofollow Link building is the lasting development of the Link Value you’re getting over time.


SEO, unlike PPC and other types of commercial, is a long term funding and requires time and effort . Keep in mind that search engines get extra refined over time and thus they can detect either algorithmically or manually the paid links.

List Building Techniques for Internet Marketers

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

As an internet marketer, you are probably familiar with a variety of methods to make money online. You learned about affiliate sales and selling through websites. You may have also heard that marketing your business offline can be an effective strategy. You have certainly heard of the most basic internet marketing technique of all, sending out e-mails to promote your offers. When you can e-mail people who have signed up to your list, you have a very powerful marketing tool. The main hurdle for you is to find people who are willing to sign up for your list. This challenge of building your list may be the one thing that stands between you and online success. These ideas will help you start creating your e-mail list as quickly as possible. so, if you want to learn more tips of a expert I recomend you a great system and you can see all info about it in my Online Income Flood Review post.

If you want to be sure that people see the opt-in form on your website, have it jump out at them as a pop-up window. If you want visitors to sign up for your e-mail list as soon as they get to your site, you should use this pop-up option, which is not hard to install. Using a pop-up window can increase the number of e-mail addresses you collect. Filling out their e-mail address is actually the easiest way to get rid of the form, which makes some people do this.

Not everyone appreciates pop-up windows, though; some people, in fact, just plain hate them. A pop-up will make people like this click away from your website altogether, almost on principle. So this is an option where you have to weigh the pros and cons. Offer an incentive for signing up for your list. Nothing else works as good as this method, and if you offer something very useful then they may even stick around for a long time. Many marketer give away an e-book; others allow you to download software. This method alone has the potential to multiply your number of sign-ups. Coupons that can be used to save on your products is another method. Coupons are also popular. Another powerfull training is this new Online Income Flood Bonus that I have prepared for you.

Put a “forward this to your friends!” button in each of the e-mails that you send out. This can have a domino-effect and your one email can possibly become an internet hit. This will encourage others to sign up for your list, which will increase the number of people that you can sell to.

You can create a profitable e-mail list using a wide variety of methods. Be creative and original in your list building efforts and you will come up with some great ideas of your own! Your e-mail list is actually like a product or website that you have to market.

Building a large and profitable list is something that you have to put some work into. It’s worth the effort, however, as once you do have a large list, you can make lots of money from it!

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Link Baiting

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

One of the hardest promoting undertakings I am expected to perform in the remarkably competitive niche is Link Building. It’s so, simply because the many staffs which can be involved in this kind of task consist of working in link-saturated manufactures, searching for a strategy to out-rank a so known as charge web page or Wikipedia. Whenever you have attempted to execute this, you may experience how tough it could possibly be and how vital it really is to take into account beyond the scope to be capable to net all the required links.

To make an intensity of triumphant link building in aggressive markets acquires traditional including Web 2.0 associating indicates and linking strategies. What specific method are you planning to do so that you can maintain off from getting swallowed inside the search results or go higher up the complaint web page or the Wikipedia.

What do you mean by reputation web link bait?

When we say, standing url bait, it refers into the approach of combining of dual selling schemes: tossing the media together with a concerning story, and making up website link bait. Generally, media shifts incorporate aimless story thoughts to a writer in concurrence with an approaching consequence, though hyperlink bait is scripted to persuade links coming from broader and fuller spectators by way of the use of contentious articles. Each tactic is being use by status web page link. Yet, merely on a bend, rather than pushing events and contention, it concentrates on advertising a company’s entire image accomplished with favorable word of mouth. Popularity link bait can be a technique that’s employed to publicizing a organization utilizing newsworthy and voguish suggestions to do the job up a confirming corporate repute.

For a linking process, link baiting adds up. Handed most effective, it provides the possibility to bring forth numerous automatic tone links within a friendly Google means although launching your company equally like as a diligence leader.

 Constructing up a Link Baiting Tip

Twirling out a confirming corporate facade isn’t something fresh, on the other hand contrary towards the usual marketing and advertising, link baiting doesn’t will need any delay for chances to roll around. Alternatively, popularity hyperlink bait can be a approach of making and producing eminent profile “tip” to pitch. Let us think of the several angles you could possibly be able to employ and apply to persuade hyperlinks employing popularity hyperlink bait.

Taking Advantage on the Existing Styles

You can find so a lot of backups and packaging promotion trailing the “purchase and bargain local, go green” campaign. Capitalize and make the best of this blistering style by means of the manner of reversing and converting few of your green products and solutions and developing up a full packaging and promotion too as link baiting movement to boost the alterations and changes. Alter and change much quantity of the fullest and finest distributing products and solutions to utilize reused materials and so write in a web log concerning the confirming outcome of your clean green items. Drop a line and compose a two parts serial publication on the methods of emphasizing the results and apply environmentally centered news on social websites this kind of as Tree Hugger and Hug along with the universal and worldwide news websites this kind of like Reddit, Digg and Propeller.

Work up on creating hyperlinks on testimonials.

An exclusive testimonial is fine; yet finding a total of 50 is extremely remarkable. Employing the testimonials which you already have as an addition for the latest and fresh ones receiving into as an outcome of going green, anticipate for a point of commonness individually. From the moment that you’ve got it, acquire and generate a content series roughly just about the product and service which everybody is raving mad about.

Whenever you continue advertising the confirming views of your line of function carried out by popularity link baiting, two different matters will about to occur: Just one is that you simply will heading to find which scheme do permanently figure out and can put resources into the stated locations and places, as a implies of finding additional and further inbound hyperlinks; as well as the other 1, you’ll develop confirming url advertising impulse along with the media and inside the new manufactures you will be intercepting into.

You can be heading to locate link building for terms which might be in high competition which suddenly becomes much simple if you are handed with fresh sources and origins to obtain and drive hyperlinks from and many confirming articles from the search outcomes compared to your contenders.


Make or Buy: the link development decision

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Everyone knows that you have to have inbound links into your site in order for the search engines to value it and rank it highly against your chosen keywords.   But is it better to buy those links from a link broker or directly from the site itself, or to go through time-consuming effort of building reciprocal links?

Let us be clear: both of these methods are clearly against the spirit of the Google ranking algorithm, which uses the quality and quantity of inbound links as a substitute for having someone actually look at your site and take a view on its quality and value.  Quite apart from the subjective nature of such a judgment, the sheer number of web pages out there would make this an impossible task.  So links are – for better or for worse – the easiest proxy for a human judgment.  However, both paid links, or text link ads, and reciprocal links clearly subvert the intent of the link-counting algorithm, since neither of them represent the disinterested judgment of real people; both are nakedly designed to deceive Google and the other search engines into thinking that more people value your site than your competitors’, when quite the opposite might be true.

Nonetheless, for the time being, it is undeniable that you can buy your way into favour with the search engines either by paying for text link ads or by spending time persuading other people to reciprocate links with your site.   Which is better?  Hard-won experience with both strategies suggests that a combination of both is ideal.  Unless your site and your links pages have themselves some PageRank your reciprocal link building process is going to be slow and painful.  Webmasters with high PR sites will not see much value in linking to you, and it will take a long time to build PR through linking to low or zero PR sites.   This implies a simple strategy: buy some high PR text link ads, point them at both your homepage and your links page and wait for the PR to feed through and for Google to give you a decent PR on both pages.  In the meantime you can start on the process of reciprocal link building with lower-ranked sites, and once your own ranking has come through you can start to request links from high-value sites such as this <a href=””>Free travel links</a> one.  When the receiving webmaster sees that you can offer him links from a PR4 or 5 web page he will be much more inclined to treat you with civility and offer you high-ranking links in return.  Pretty soon after this you will be able to stop paying for text link ads and start benefiting from the free marketing that comes with a top-ranked site for your chosen search terms.

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Sunday, February 28th, 2010

IBMC constantly see lots of great articles hit our inbox that might not have winged into yours. So as we see interesting stuff coming through we will make every effort to share them with those small medium sized businesses seeking to improve their online marketing strategy to better support their website.

So below is an informative guide that was provided by Hubspot which is a valuable source for interesting tips and tidbits on things you could be doing to accelerate your business growth.

So lets take a topic from Hubspot that really is a talking point in 2010 and that is making more use of YOU TUBE and getting your video optimised and seen by your target market audience.


Author: David Meerman Scott of Web Ink Now

Still not ready to jump into the exciting world of creating online video for marketing purposes?  Why not ask your customers and fans to do it for you?  

David’s post highlights a few examples of companies who have successfully crowdsourced their video needs using contests and prize money as motivation, which also promotes company/buyer interaction. 

Marketing Takeaway: Brainstorm different ways for you to fit online video into your marketing mix

Some people try to say SEO is dead, others are worried about their budget being swallowed up should they entertain Pay Per Click Advertising and it seems businessmen over 50 don’t think that Social Media Marketing is for them. Well maybe this next article might change your mind on all these topics.


Author: Barry Bowman of Search Engine Land

Barry’s article seeks to advise B2B marketers how and when to use what types of search marketing tools, including SEO, pay-per-click advertising and social media optimization (and all of them combined!) in their marketing programs.

He notes that there is a time to use each and a time to use all, but that it largely depends on the situation.  His article discusses when to use what, as well as the need to define marketing goals before you get started.

Marketing Takeaway: Don’t attach search marketing with a “one-tool-fits-all” approach. Strategize based on your marketing goals.

These are just some of the worthwhile articles IBMC want to bring to your attention. We have tons more that pours into our inbox everyday. We weed through everything and if its worth a mention here we will pop it up and give the author of the article some page time!

Let us know if you have any concerns about setting up an online business, building a business website or wanting to know how to improve your online marketing strategy. Leave your comments here and we will see what we can do for you.