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Cheap Website Designers or Expensive Web Design Agencies – Who Do You Choose?

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

How to Choose a Web Designer

Just over 1 year ago this website wrote a blog about choosing someone to design a website and talking about those website designers claiming to be the best.

We searched around back then during which we came upon a link to a YouTube video from a website agency that claimed to be the best and having the most success in building ecommerce websites. Admittedly the platform used, a combination of Joomla and Virtumart demonstrated it had reasonable capability to act as a flexible solution providing sufficient features to assist with online marketing.

However, we are now 1 year down the line and since then new words came into the world of Internet Marketing – PANDA and PENGUIN.

Now, talk to the average small medium business owner keen to see his company supported by either a brochure or ecommerce website and throw in words such as Panda and Penguin during a consultancy session, and many business owners will think you previously worked in a Zoo, as they have no idea how search engines work, and they are not really bothered. Simply because they put all their faith in the web developer they will engage with thinking that person is a professional and will keep me right and look after me.

Many large companies that operate a website have invested towards putting in place what is referred to as a website manager. This person has to come into your business with a variety of skills in order to handle the day to day managing of a website. And without doubt in today’s online marketing environment you have to dedicate time and effort to your website if it is to win races and bring to your business, traffic, sales and profits.

Many small companies on the other hand do not have the resource or the funding to justify a full time position to someone that will look after their website. Yet, these small business owners have the same expectations and goals as large companies and want to achieve the same goals just like the big brand businesses.

So, why do we have so many businesses who decide to have an online presence fail within the first year of having a website?

The answer to this lays both with the business owner and the website designer or web agency a company MD engages with. More importantly businesses do not take enough time at the beginning of a project to plan out what they actually need the website to do.

Many business owners don’t make sufficient time to put aside in order to learn what type of website is needed by their business and how it should be built.

In the eyes of most company owners and especially in the small business community you will find they turn to someone they know who is ‘Into Computers’ – Yes this person will do them a favour and build them a website.

So, we find when a company comes to us Internet Marketing Practitioners after having had a website for year to tell us it is not working and what can we do for them, we are then told the story of who actually built the website.

In some cases it is a web designer working from home, in other cases it is this ‘person who is into computers’ that probably works as a gas engineer or telephone repairman’ who happens to do his job using a computer and has offered their services as a side line to make some extra money.

As money is tight all around right now, the business owner needing a website thinks – great – I can get a cheap website and be online with it next week.

Our gas engineer or telephone repairman says, “yeh its easy I just go to some website get a template or two and throw this thing together and there is your new website”. The only thing is, it doesn’t work.

If you are reading this and think you are in this type of scenario right now where you are either considering “ I need a website” to support my business, or you are thinking “I have a website and it doesn’t work” and brought very few visitors or sales then get contact us and we can tell you about people this website can signpost you too.

You might want to talk to ICTADVISOR LTD who are eager to support the small business community and ensure business owners don’t waste their valuable budget when deciding on having a website. Or you can make contact with an organisation such as Sitelogic Marketing who support some really large brand names across the World. And, to ensure your website meets with best practice design standards, why not visit the OnlineXcellence website, where you will find the people behind both ICTADVISOR LTD and Sitelogic Marketing along with a few others all willing to help both large and small companies achieve reaching their goals online.

Effective Internet Marketing Tips to Drive Traffic

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

The result of all online business activity is the offer of your products or services. You’re doing the same as your offline business, you have a market and you attempt to capture attention so you can do business.

Determine the purpose of your business website, and take the time to create business goals. 

Do a marketing plan to map out your goals.

Consider a marketing budget.

Plan your website’s content. Ensure you have quality content.

How relevant and helpful is your content to your market and visitors?

When people visit your website, they should be able to learn something from it, something that keeps them coming back.

To get the best and most longevity from your site it’s best to update it with regular content. Naturally, this will help you to fair better in the search engines and will keep them returning to visit your site for updates.

Online Marketing Strategies

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

When it comes to the latest marketing strategies, there are a number of systems that have taken their combat to cyberspace. Regardless of the economic recession, there have been a number of formations declaring the online war. For this, there are many reasons. One sure reason is that you are able to spend even little money on online commercializing compared to the huge sums involved in orthodox commercializing. Utilizing numerous of the online selling schemes present would assist you increase your profit margins and even create a great sense of awareness too.

As we ave already mentioned, there are a number of online merchandising schemes in use and you can select your own with a little research on the internet and study of your own business. Although world Wide web has been here for sometime, no one was really showed proactive attitude towards creating a full fledge commercializing platform on the internet for the benefit of all types of merchandising activities. Thanks to the cyberspace, the countries of the world has become closer than ever. With this, most organizations can reach out for larger customer base across a large geographical area without much problem.

This is why the online selling strategies have been given quite an importance nowadays. Although the internet does wonders, transition from conventional selling to online selling has been somewhat slower than the anticipated It is never late for someone to get into the net due to the fact that the large scope of the net. What you need to asses is that how your business will do in the cyberspace and how it will face the challenges the cyberspace hold for it.

Eventually remember that you can severely tap into numerous online commercializing strategies once you consider the numerous commercializing consultant firms that are out there. Online commercializing arrangements do have their own online commercializing strategies to help you out with refining your marketing approaches and enhance profit margins. All in all, with such a huge scope available online, it would be detrimental to your company and brand not to uncover it to the online sphere. There is just too much of an chance that is present within net for you to ignore. One of the greatest things that you can do is to consider your competitors online and what gains they have made: this is the ideal test to see whether you should also make it to cyberspace.

Straightforward Internet Marketing Techniques That Are Effective

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Promoting a product or a service online involves many different techniques that you should apply to see long term results. This is why Internet marketing looks so complex to many new marketers.

These marketers end up not knowing where they are going because they get lost. The best approach to Internet marketing is to start small and gradually grow your business so you can learn from your mistakes. This article will cover a couple of internet marketing techniques you can employ that will assist you in your quest for financial independence.

Content is king when you are marketing online. You can satisfy the desires of your target audience using many methods, but none are as effective at providing value as quality content. So whether you’re posting articles on your site, creating videos for your audience or just publishing a newsletter, it’s important to focus on content that is highly useful and unique in nature. If you have good content it will benefit you in more ways than one. First, it will help you create a powerful brand and make people trust you. You will also find that search engines will appreciate your site since it has quality, relevant content that offers visitors a lot of value. Additionally, the only way you can be different and stand out from your competition is by providing top notch content unlike anyone else. It is an excellent way for you to find success with your internet marketing.

Blogging is a critical element to being successful in internet marketing and creating your brand. Even though there are virtually thousands of blogs started up daily, only a few of them survive and make it. Your goal with blogging isn’t to do it as a hobby but to help promote your product or service. You will find blogs very effective and that is because the search engines really like them which will make the task of generating targeted traffic much easier.

However, you should start blogging immediately if you haven’t yet started because this will provide an excellent platform for you to provide value through great content and to interact with your audience.

When you have an online business or a website that you want to market, you will have to exploit as many avenues as possible. In fact, email is one of the simplest methods to boost your traffic. Everyone exchanges emails almost daily with other people and use it for networking. Also, new people communicate with us via networking. Additionally, you often correspond via email with people looking for assistance in your particular market. When thinking of how much you use your email, wouldn’t it be a good move to make sure your signature features your website? Your email, subsequently, become a strong marketing message and every person that receives your email becomes a possible client. All you need to do is to ensure you are targeting the correct people with your email signature and everything will go smoothly.

All in all, Internet marketing can be seen as a growing medium with more and more businesses realizing its potential. Businesses of all sizes are employing online promotion techniques from affiliate marketing to viral marketing. Because the Internet can access every inch of the planet, it is the most efficient marketing tool available. Even those who don’t believe in the power of internet marketing will soon see for themselves how much success it can achieve.

Why Should You Make Use Of E-Commerce Courses?

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Do you know all you should know with regards to e-commerce?  It’s likely that you are quite familiar with the internet advertising community however you cannot possibly know everything there is to understand about this.  Things are transforming continuously and the field of online marketing is so very distinct that you’ll require tools to be current.  This is the reason you will find it to be helpful to benefit from e-commerce training programs.  You can only get better when you discover completely new and improved training information.

1.  You need to understand search engine optimization if you’re going to have success with internet marketing.  You can learn about SEO techniques with the different e-commerce courses offered.  There are always possibilities with search engine optimization.  In the event that you aren’t feeling assured you’ll be able to utilize some expert guidance. 

2.  You’ll be able to take on e-commerce classes in a number of ways.  Course training is flexible.

Attending ecommerce training courses keeps you updated with the latest and greatest techniques to do internet marketing effectively.

3.  Web marketing will get frustrating and you may not know exactly where to find the answers to why your e-commerce website is not performing.  When not attending a 1-2-1 course with a tutor we recommend, Brad Callen’s internet marketing forum.

You may learn several things via Brad Callen himself or perhaps you could network and interact with other individuals from the market. 

Now there are quite a few good reasons that you need to consider e-commerce training courses.  You must understand the basic fundamentals of website marketing to help you choose the easiest method to utilize these courses.

Internet Marketing Tips For Lasting Business Success

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Internet marketing has become a vast subject, which is why it can get confusing for some. Ok, well let’s move forward and review some proven IM marketing tips that we feel can be of good use for you.  Plus, if you invest in a service like Linkvana, you will really start seeing results once your sites get highly ranked.

Everybody in Internet Marketing knows the influential role the search engines play in sending traffic to your website. Sure there are a lot of ways to market a website but the traffic you will see from search engines has always been one of the most lucrative ways to earn money from site visitors. But many new marketers forget that search engine optimization takes time, effort and lots of dedication. This is why unethical search engine optimization is on the rise. The greatest search engine tip that you will ever receive is that if you build a weak foundation then your website and business fail. When you have the option to choose between blackhat SEO and whitehat SEO, always go for the latter. Choose this method because when you choose nefarious methods of promotion, even if you rank high in the search engines, that success will be fleeting. If you use less than legitimate promotional methods, eventually the search engines figure it out and ban you from their pages. This means that you won’t see much success at all, so it is better to put all of your efforts into methods that will give you long term profits. Even if proper search engine optimization is going to take you time, go for it. This way you’ll be building a long term business and get the search engines to trust you. The more trust the search engines give you, the better your rankings will be. So don’t think of deceiving the search engines if you’re new. Rather than try to trick anything just give the spiders what they want and you will get what you want. So if you are teaching people how to play guitar then recommend a great product like Learn and Master Guitar. Be wary of the short term focused goals and the quick money ideas, when you first begin marketing online. So keep a wary eye out for the black hole of “get rich quick”. You want you business to be strong for the long term, so stay focused on that. A successful online business requires you to focus on the long term goals and not loose sight running after the short term ones. You will want to be able to foresee things and make the right decisions when choices come up, and having a blueprint for success will help you with that. You will want to have a patient approach and carefully plan out your steps.

Be prepared to handle any needs your customers may have, and provide excellent customer service. Be sure to show your customer the solution to their problem and be willing to do whatever it takes for them to be satisfied. When they see your service, they won’t hesitate in buying from you again, which is exactly what we want. A great way to learn is to provide a way for your customers to submit feedback about products or services they have purchased from you. This way other customers can help in solving needs if you are having a hard time coming up with a solution. In the end, the best thing to grow your business and make it successful is the amount of effort and dedication you put into your site.

The Myths About Internet Marketing You Should Know

Friday, October 15th, 2010

All the success stories over the years compels thousands to seek their fortune on the internet. Incomes and wealth of all levels are being achieved like never before. But if you’re just starting out, you’ll notice that there are many myths that you should avoid if you really want to make it big with Internet marketing.

The first and foremost Internet marketing myth says that if you have a great product and add a lot of value to it, people will throng to your site and buy it. However, this is far from the truth. The only problem with that picture is it’s missing a little thing called, exposure. And that can only happen when you drive targeted traffic to your website. You probably aren’t famous, don’t feel bad – neither are we – so there are not a lot of people dying to hear what you have to say, next. You can easily research and find half a dozen great methods to generate traffic. But that is the very basic approach and clarification about that incorrect thinking about the web and internet marketing.

The second Internet marketing myth that you need to be aware of is that – by charging high prices for your product/service, you’ll be able to make huge profits. You won’t be able to do that 100% of the time. Well, simply enough… can you justify doing that? Why do you think your product is worth more today than it was yesterday? The way to find out is ask your market by raising your price and see how it sells. If you have a large home study course, then you could charge more; but a lot of times you should have a good feel for what to charge.

The third internet marketing misconception is that search engine marketing is too difficult for the average person to use. Once you look into the basics of SEO, you will soon discover that anyone can implement them.

For example, if you know how to write solid keyword articles that have quality backlinks, then you know how to use it properly. You will get to the top results if you continue doing what you are doing.

In conclusion, many of these internet marketing myths are believed by many new online marketers, but you must see pass the smoke if you want to be successful.

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Stay Away From These Stupid Novice Internet Marketing Mistakes

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Internet marketing is turning out to be a great way to start an online business with the hopes of high profits. But, you should know that there are many internet marketing mistakes that beginners make when first starting out.

One of the simplest mistakes that internet marketers commit is they don’t focus on search engine optimization for their site. This is due to the fact that they think there are more effective means of reaching their targeted audience, but they’re going to have to rely on search engines at some point or another. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a frightening term for some internet marketers because they feel they won’t know how to do it correctly because of the technical aspect of it. But if you were to examine how internet marketers actually became successful, you’d see just how valuable the search engines are in driving targeted traffic to your site. It’s always possible to get a targeted traffic stream from article directories or from video sharing sites, but search engines will give you visitors that are targeted without having to pay anything and do you know what else? All this massive amounts of traffic doesn’t cost you a single dime. Your site, once it’s ranked at a high enough level, will see a stream of traffic without you having to do anything else; except maybe work to get more backlinks so that you can keep that rank over all the other sites competing against yours. Another costly mistake is not treating your business as a real business, instead seeing it as a part-time job. This is why their efforts seem to be in vane. Once you comprehend that your Internet marketing business is a real business, then you will begin to make real profits. Building a business takes time and effort. Building a business takes time, effort and dedication, and it will only succeed if you approach it as a real business The goal of every Internet marketer should be for your business to continually grow by your improvements and additions. Your business is more likely to grow if you take it seriously.

One other mistake often made by marketers is not doing the proper keyword research for SEO and PPC campaigns. Researching the keywords properly is essential to internet marketing success. While there are aspects to internet marketing that don’t require keyword research, proper research is required if you hope to get targeted visitors and to market your products in the most effective manner.

You may find yourself confused initially, but it gets easier as you get better. At the end of the day, your Internet marketing venture can prove to be successful if you choose to avoid these common errors.

Get a free SEO book just for asking. Search engine optimisation Australia is useful for increasing and enhancing your Web presence because the Internet is global.

Deadly Internet Marketing Mistakes You Need to be Aware of

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Internet marketing has turned out to be one of the most lucrative ways to start your own online business. But there are always new marketers who tend to make some silly mistakes along the way and in this article we will be discussing such mistakes. Auto Traffic Avalanche

Successful internet marketers always look to the long term goals. To succeed at internet marketing, you have to think really big. Only those who have the idea that they’re going to get rich quick focus on shorter term goals. Your internet marketing success relies on the fact that you need to look to the longer term and you need to forget about getting rich quick. This what the experts usually fail to let you know. What you see everywhere is instant, fast, now, etc. The world we live in loves instant gratification, and internet marketing has fallen into that trap. You need to learn as much as possible about internet marketing and you must see that it takes time for you to actually succeed at it. It may seem too much at times, and you may think that success is too far from your grasp. When it gets to be this way, just know that you will see success before you realize, and that you just have to keep pressing on. However, if you get impatient and you try to make money too quickly, you won’t get where you want to go. Many beginning internet marketers who are searching for the next big thing throw their time and money away because they think they’re going to find a hidden secret that nobody knows about. Spending your time wisely will give you the vision required to see things that actually work and throw out the things that don’t work.

You must be patient and take things step by step and you’ll then see that success is just within your grasp. Relying on the content of your website to generate sales is another comment many online marketers make. There are many new marketers who ignore having a sales copy on their site and rather depend on the general product information to get conversions. In the long run though this doesn’t bring profits, a quality sales copy on your site is the only thing that will convince new prospects. You have to clearly explain the benefits of your product and as well as why you’re different from the rest. With a quality sales letter your site is actively selling the product for you 24/7. If you feel that you can’t write a professional sales letter, then hire a professional copywriter to do it for you.

Auto Traffic Avalanche Another mistake made by online marketers is that they don’t understand the emotions of their target market because they aren’t dealing with them face to face. Only when you see them as real people and not just customers, you will be able to give them the personal attention they need and the service they want.

Above all, if you do the required work, you’ll be able to stay away from committing the mistakes you just learned about. But once you know how to recognize such mistakes, you’ll be able to reap better results on the long run.

If you want to check out the latest Internet Marketing course then have a look at the Auto Traffic Avalanche review web page.

Boost the Exposure of Your Site with These Online Marketing Strategies

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Internet marketing has progressed and grown immeasurably over the past few years. Before, there were only limited means available to people to both promote and make sure their website was seen by a large audience. The main reason was that few people utilized the Internet because it was quite a new concept. Currently, though, there are many ways you can drive both free and paid traffic to your website and to promote it. In this article, we will be covering a few methods that have been proven effective which will get you started with online marketing and help you concentrate on the vital steps that will help you succeed.

A new course is causing quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community and you can find more information about it at this dosha showcase.

You need to think about launching an affiliate system if you will be promoting a product you own, so that others may sell your product in return for a commission. The biggest advantage to having your own affiliate program is that people will be selling your product around the clock and you won’t have any initial costs. You will have other benefits as well, including gaining a lot of strong backlinks to your site and a speedy increase in the popularity of your product. On the other hand, if you don’t own a product, there are hundreds of products that have affiliate systems you can start promoting. In either case, affiliate marketing is an important part of Internet marketing and in a vital part of any type of online promotion. One very underestimated Internet marketing tactics is to create podcasts that are specifically targeted to your preferred market. Podcasting has the power to spread word about your site at a whole different level to other tactics. Podcasts can be spread around virally on social networking sites, so your own visitors could be spreading your link around to their friends in expanding circles. You have plenty of options for dispensing content to your audience, but a podcast can give you the ability to get your message out further and faster than other methods. Even though it’s underestimated, there are still some online marketers using this form of promotion to create success. Podcasts are relatively easy to create around topics that should be designed to offer people more information about your products and services. By offering them a solution to their problems or something to arouse their interest, you can build a relationship with your visitors.

A new course is causing quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community and you can find more information about it at this dosha showcase.

Another useful Internet marketing strategy is to use viral marketing campaigns that get you free traffic to your website. Viral marketing can give you the ability to spread your marketing message much further and to more people than if you were using alternative marketing methods. Put simply, it’s a form of word of mouth marketing where your past visitors begin promoting your site for you to attract a flood of new visitors. A good example of how viral marketing works is to consider giving away a free ebook or video and encouraging your visitors to share it with their friends or to give it away themselves. When you offer something of value to your visitors, you increase the likelihood of them wanting to share it with the people they know. Ask yourself what kind of elements your visitors would find appealing enough to pass around and then work to create something along those lines. Offer something that will really create a buzz that draws people to your site to see what else you’re offering.

As more and more businesses understand the power of Internet marketing its use is becoming more widespread. Large companies as well as medium to smaller businesses are employing a wide range of internet promotion techniques from viral marketing to affiliate marketing. Because the Internet can access every inch of the planet, it is the most efficient marketing tool available. Despite there being many people who aren’t aware of the power of online marketing, they will soon discover how easily it can succeed.