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The Key To Writing Articles That People Love

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

An easy way to make your articles interesting and at the same time unique is to inject your own personality in them. You know you have your own unique personality, and then you just write in your own style of expression. Your articles will be more interesting when people recognize something different, and that something different is your personality. This makes your articles more appealing to your target audience and hence you get the response you’re looking for.

Before ever touching the keyboard, you must know your market and what they’re looking for. People have problems, and most people turn to the net to try to find a solution to a problem, and that is where your article can enter like the dragon and save the day. The only way to know this information is if you find out what it is – research. This will also make your overall writing work easier because you’ll be clear about what to put on paper. You’ll find that writing an outline before doing the article writing will make your articles much smoother and more organized. Your readers are the ones that will make your articles effective and they are the ones you’re writing for.

After you have done enough research for articles you’ll think it’s much easier to do. Also it will help you out from time to time if you pay attention to the news because sometimes you can get a great tip about your market.~You don’t need to have the knowledge of a University English professor, but you can’t get by with kicking out bad content. People will understand about one spelling or grammar mistake in an article, but beyond that you’re treading on thin ice. If you submit your articles to the best directories, your article could get rejected in the review process. Especially if you’re looking out to get published with, you have to double check everything before you submit your articles. Since a minute of proofing or firing up the automatic checker takes basically no effort, failure to do either really does make you look bad. Why do a substandard job on your articles when you’re hoping they’ll make you money. Proof-reading will make your articles look better, read better and ultimately help you get a higher conversion rate.}

It is usually much better to write in a simple style for online articles. The average reading ability online is pathetically low, seriously, and that is one reason you need to keep things easy to understand.

Just remember that web readers are extremely impatient, and they do not like slowing down because they actually have to think something through – amazing as it sounds. Always present your ideas in a clear and easy to understand manner. Don’t write the articles by keeping yourself in mind, but your target readers. It’s always a great idea to put yourself in the shoes of your readers, and see how it reads, then.

You have your own voice and thoughts, and that is how the information you’ve collected will be expressed in your articles. If you keep looking back and forth between everything as you write, then the results may be a little alarming. The first casualty will be your efficiency and speed. Overall, the even flow of the article that should be there will not be there, and it will read awkward. What you want to do is begin your article, and then just don’t stop writing for anything until it’s finito. Afterwards when all the dust has settled, you will read your article and make any necessary changes, revisions, and corrections. You really can make your writing a lot better as well as your writing experience – you have to add to your knowledge base write. No matter how much you achieve, in the long run what really matters is how much effort you’re putting on a regular basis. It really is a bunch of tiny steps each day, but just don’t think about that – enjoy life, work hard, and stay focused on what your goal is.

A smooth flowing article wins every time. A technique to ensure this is to let someone else read it before you publish it. This is an important step because ultimately what really matters is if your readers are able to stay interested in your article.

An article that flows should connect one idea to the next. If you don’t take the time to do this your article will be confusing. A simple way around creating an article that isn’t comprehensible is by drawing up a basic outline and then following it as you write the article. Outlining your work is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Simply put, if you take the time to outline your articles then you will more likely be able to create highly relevant articles that your readers can comprehend and actually enjoy. Once you get your flow down then you will be able to effortlessly apply it to every article you write.

The people who read your articles are looking for information, but you’ll get a better response if they like it, or it’s interesting to read. Often times people search for some specific information they feel will help them in some way. A lot of times people don’t read an article because it is written poorly, so avoiding that will automatically help you a lot. There’s nothing wrong with studying successful article writers, and then you can get ideas for your own writing expression.

The best articles will always reflect the writer’s solid grasp of the target market, and the article contains what the market is looking for. Naturally you’re able to write well, even if your articles aren’t the best they can be right now. Anyone who is motivated is able to become a very good article writer. This article contains 3 highly quality strategies pertaining to article writing that you can use in your own writing.

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Article Writing: The Professionals’ Secrets

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Article marketing and content creation are really noble professions. Anybody can earn good money even while working at home, plus for some folks, it’s a great way to have a job and not be limited by normal work hours. But joining a content creation agency’s writing team requires a lot more than the ability to compose articles.

Article writing agencies regularly select those who have open minds and are able to write about many types of topics. It is up to you to decide how much money you will earn from this venture, which signifies that regular profits could be significant for those who’re imaginative and also consistent.

The available topics are frequently posted, and authors are expected to select those that they can read up on, write and submit. The normal policy will be for writers to select subject areas that they are most well-versed in. However, this may not always be applicable. It’s best to uphold the custom of submitting articles after only one day. The vast majority of outstanding copy writers possess a terrific set of values when it comes to work and also guarantee that all their submissions are completed within a day.

What matters most is that you ought to be dependable enough to produce the desired output as well as meet your client’s preferences. With regard to feedback, working within an article writing company would enable you to see quickly if the project that you just did is either approved or turned down.

Disturbances need to be shunned without exceptions once you are penning an article. Being disrupted would cause you to look over important facts and information or enter the incorrect particulars. In relation to this issue, another advantage of doing article writing is that you may follow your own schedule as well as establish your habits and routines accordingly. For instance, if you believe that earning a living in the daytime just isn’t suitable for you, then you’ve got the freedom to work on your articles during nighttime or at the beginning of the day so that you don’t get disturbed by anyone or anything.

In this particular field, being a serious reader will aid you greatly in terms of making and composing your write-ups. Serious readers would usually have stock knowledge which could speed up background work. But don’t forget that details are the foundation of a good write-up, and all article creators must utilize right information. Inaccurate or misguided information can easily disillusion and also deceive a reader. Stock knowledge can be a huge benefit, but you’ll also have tools such as trustworthy sites on many different subject areas and search engines to assist you in confirming the facts and information that you need to utilize. You must always wield control over what you’re writing.

Open-minded folks are pretty creative when it comes to their styles of writing. Nevertheless, that imagination may occasionally become uncontrollable. You can gain from jotting down the information that you have to use for content in order to not look over crucial aspects. Taking note of things can likewise make it easier to gather your ideas and avoid mental block, which could be an incredible deterrent. It is possible to preserve your creativeness by making sure that you’re frequently stimulated and permit details to move freely. Enthusiasm could have any source, whether it be an individual, area or emotion.

Article writing agencies will also need that you be committed and professional at all times. Dedication and timely submission are the trademarks of a great writer. In the event you cannot fulfill your deadline for some reason, it would be best to inform your client promptly.

This kind of occupation isn’t without a bad side. It can be difficult on occasion, specifically when a deadline is coming. But hurdles like these keep virtually all writers’ minds sharp. Those who are interested in being employed by an article writing service should go after any available job openings, as the chance may come only once. Working experience is not a necessity in article writing and article submission, but attitude and also work-related values are incredibly relevant.

So Is Copywriting All That Difficult?

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Probably most people think they’re good enough to do copywriting, and it looks pretty easy at first glance. If you’re an online marketer, you have probably seen a lot of sales letters. But seriously, how hard can that be to write that stuff, and all you’re really trying to do is sell some product? If you are like most new internet marketers, it didn’t take you long to figure out just how important and how difficult copywriting can be.

Most internet marketers decide to hire a professional copywriter to help them sell their wares. So you may want to consider that option if you don’t have the time to learn copywriting, or you’re not a good writer. But if your budget can’t handle the outsourcing of this, then you really should at least learn some of the copywriting basics.

You have to start with a good headline. Readers see your headline first, and then make a split second decision to either read or not read the rest of the page. Inexperienced copywriters usually write the loudest and boldest headlines. Their headlines are usually full of exclamation points and bold lettering, while lacking in creativity. A good headline will grab the reader’s attention, entertain him for a minute and describe what you are about to tell him. And all of this has to be accomplished in one sentence. Look at the headlines that your competitors are using. Whose headlines compel you to read more? Which headlines cause you to turn away? Keep track of these things and use this knowledge when you create your own headlines. Long, unbroken text will bore your readers, so break it up. It is commonly taught in writing classes that each paragraph should express one idea. This is valid. Yet it’s also permitted to break one thought into several different paragraphs. If you are writing for internet surfers, you definitely should avoid using unbroken blocks of copy.

Be sure to separate long paragraphs into smaller ones. When writing copy, don’t worry about having paragraphs that are only one or two sentences long. This makes it easer for people to concentrate on your message.

Take your cues from the successful entrepreneurs in your niche. Read their sales pages and websites. Study your own feelings and reactions to their material. Take notes about what grabs your attnetion. They must have some sales copy, what do you think about it? When you feel tempted to buy the product ask yourself “what is it in this page that makes me want to buy this?” You can learn a lot from this exercise and incorporate into your own copywriting.

Copywriting often looks easy because the person who writes the copy is very good at what they do. But if you attempt it, you’ll see very fast that it’s not easy. The good news is that the more you work at it, the better at it you will be.

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Copywriting Basics Every Marketer Needs To Know

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Copywriting is an essential skill to have if you want to make a living online. Also, if you can write your own copy, then you won’t have to hire one because good copywriters can be expensive. Copywriting is a costly service (and with good reason). If your budget does permit hiring a good writer, your overall business will still benefit a lot if you have a good grounding in copywriting principles. Copywriting is ultimately what will sell your products and make you money. It is through your copywriting that you turn a casual site viewer into a dedicated buyer. So we want to offer you some basic copywriting tips that can help you become acquainted with this art.

Profit Instruments review A favorite for many writers is to weave a story in their copy. A lot of inexperienced marketers think the best thing is to concentrate on the product in the copy. To truly draw a site reader in (and get them to buy your product) you need to tell them a story. Of course there needs to be a connection, so the story needs to be relevant to your reader. The goal is to keep them reading all the way from the first sentence to the “buy now” button at the bottom of your page. There are many reasons why copy will not convert, but just remember your story needs to do its job. Don’t be afraid of humor. Some of the best sales pages on the internet use quite a bit of humor to keep the site viewer reading the page. Humor can be skillfully used to help people to relax and let their defenses down a little bit. It’s hard sometimes to predict what people will do, but if you can make them laugh a little it could make them feel a bit more comfortable and stay on your site. But you know… there’s always a fine line between just right and overdoing it. Always avoid coming across like you’re trying real, real hard to be a quick wit.  

Profit Instruments review If you want people to buy your product, let them know what it will do for them. Make a comprehensive list of all the benefits! Remember, you are very familiar with the product that you are trying to sell. You already know what it does and why it’s so good. Your prospective customers, however, will no far less about your product than you do. Do not take it for granted that anything is common knowledge when it comes to what you are selling. You should tell people exactly what is so special about your product, without leaving out anything, no matter how unnecessary it may seem. The more your potential customers know about your product and what it can do for them, the more likely they’ll be to purchase it. Selling products and services is hard work. The best copywriters can make their work seem like it was easy to produce. As you try to do it yourself, however, you will quickly learn just how much work goes into a good advertisement or piece of copy. As you learn the basics about copywriting you will get better at it. Give yourself time to learn it. Your copywriting skills will improve every time you make an effort! Senuke bonus

Use These Three Copywriting Secrets For Success

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

The majority of the Internet marketers who made it big on the web possess the skill of copywriting. It really pretty much has no bearing whether copywriting was a skill already possessed, or they learned it later after they became involved in IM. The reason it’s important to be good at copywriting is because having an online business is all about convincing and selling to your target market through words. They don’t see you face to face, which is why your sales copy acts as a salesperson for you. Besides, this skill can be used in so many other areas of advertising and marketing that it’s not even funny. In this article we will be discussing about some effective copywriting tips that you can use to grow your online business and write better copy. Suppose your niche is about copywriting, you can give specific instructions to your affiliates on how they should go about the re-writing process and help them out if necessary, because if they succeed, you succeed.

When you are crafting your sales page, your main purpose is to involve your prospect. The higher their degree of involvement when reading your copy, the more likely they will be to understand the benefits your product will provide. The most effective way to make people curious about your product is to ask them questions.

It will make your sales page interesting while also getting your readers involved. The key here is to ask those questions that you know will get a “yes”. Therefore, you need to pose positive questions. Your ultimate goal is to increase the chance of people saying yes when you ask them to buy your product by getting them into the habit of answering your questions positively.

One area you should focus on is mastering the craft of writing exciting headlines which will help you grab the attention of your potential clients. If you master the skill of writing a compelling headline that is profitable you will be able to create a sales letter that sets itself apart. You also should know how to write headlines effectively because your sales page will also contain a lot of sub-headlines. An excellent option is to study the headlines in the printed press so you can see how these headlines are actually crafted. Another option is to research online to find other headline examples. If you have a good headline, it will be the difference between a successful or an unsuccessful sales page. For example, if your targeted niche is link builder pro, you can simply Google and find various forums and discussion boards online that are specifically about this topic. Just become a member there and share your articles to get good exposure.

You need to focus on using strong words such as wealth, free, secret, breakthrough, amazing, happiness, you, etc. and avoid using words that cause negative emotions. Your goal is to promote the benefits of your product and not its features. Using strong terms in your sales page will make your potential clients happy and they will feel special. While you shouldn’t overdo the hype but you can still use it a little with these words. You can find a great amount of information on this area, so it’s worth your time to do it. Learning, experience, and feedback are the greatest teachers with copywriting. If you’re starting out with copywriting, aim at creating an attention grabbing copy that focuses on the benefits more than anything else. How much you learn about copywriting is totally up to you. For instance, if you want to you use article marketing to market products in the success niche; you might not see the results right away because it takes some amount of time for the article to reach out to your audience. So be patient in your approach.

Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid At All Times

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Copywriting probably seems like a difficult skill to understand but there are times when you will need it to really get the job done. Obviously this won’t be possible if you make any of the easily avoidable mistakes we’ll talk about in this article.  For instance, if you’re writing a sales copy for selling a product related to Hostgator Coupon information, try to create a simple story around it, so that the prospect easily understands and gets convinced.

Every new copywriter has to pass through the period of making those mistakes that eventually will be easy to avoid. One source of many kinds of mistakes concerns the subheads, or subheadings, in the sales copy body. Headlines are to sales copy as wheels are to cars – you can’t have one without the other. Naturally, just like all writing your copy will have organizational elements such as paragraphs. In order to do this, you should have clear subheadings that tell your prospect what the next section is all about. Subheads are useful because as people scan the copy, they can get an “at a glance” meaning of what your copy is about. It would be nearly impossible to state all the reasons why your copy won’t be read by readers. But if it is not systematically divided into readable parts, then it would definitely be a turn off for the reader, especially when you have a long sales copy. Your subheadings need to spark an interest and desire within the reader to want to start reading your copy from start to finish. Just keep in mind that your sub-headings serve to steer your reader back into the copy. All you can do is write the best copy you can, and you just never know when a subheading will interest a reader and it leads to a conversion. So don’t ignore the power of subheadings if you want to be a successful copywriter.

You’ll need to learn how to make the most of the offer. All copywriters work to become skilled at using the most appropriate words. So, not only does your copy need to include a great offer, but you also need to do your persuasive best with your benefits. You’ll have to do something to be noticed online, and you can help yourself in that regard with well-written benefit bullets and the offer.

With experience, you’ll learn how to strike a balance with providing enough information to make a sound decision while avoiding giving out too much information. So how you can put a terrific offer together? The normal strategy involves offering really good and excellent bonuses for ordering today. Of course it’s entirely your decision about your bonuses, but the most effective bonuses are always related to the main product. For instance, if you’re writing a sales copy for selling a product related to Hostgator Coupons info, try to create a simple story around it, so that the prospect easily understands and gets convinced.

The location, or introduction, of the price of your product or service matters a lot. Never put your product price too early in your sales copy. But what’s wrong in that? It just tends to bring down the interest level of the reader. People can always scroll straight to the price, but normally it’s closer to the bottom of your letter so they have to at least see the benefits, etc, before reading the price. If you’re having trouble with confidence, then try writing your first draft without caring too much how it comes out, and the reason for this is because you’ll go though the editing process later. Also, make sure your price is clearly mentioned so that your readers won’t miss it. Don’t be intimidate about your asking price, and don’t try to hide it with everything else in the copy. The best way to make sure your copywriting does its job is to steer clear of the mistakes outlined in this article. Let’s your product is about best password generator, and the price is $50 – this has to be clearly shown in your sales copy where it can be seen.

Learning How To Write Effectively

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

The internet and other forms of quick communication have all brought a new meaning to how people communicate with one another. Being able to express yourself with writing is essential, no longer a luxury but a necessity. You want to be able write a message that is informative, interesting and easy to read. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re writing about <a href=’’>cake making</a> or online businesses, being able to express yourself clearly in the content you create is important.<br /><br />Before you even begin writing, know what you’ll be writing about. Understanding your topic is not enough either. You have to think about your ultimate goal. Where do you want your writing to lead you? Keep your ultimate goal in mind when preparing to write. Do you want to teach your readers <a href=’’>how to decorate cake</a>, or how to start a business? Whatever your ultimate objective is, keep it in mind.<br /><br />What’s the impact you’re looking to have on your reader? Are you simply looking to entertain, or to inform? Ideally, you’ll be able to do both with your writing. Keep your ultimate goal in mind when you’re producing the content.<br /><br />Make sure to organize your writing in a logical order. There’s no use writing about <a href=’’>diamondback bikes</a> when your topic of interest is baking a cake. Make sure you organize your points in an easy to follow order. Knowing your conclusion at the start of your writing is important. It will give your writing a sense of direction.<br /><br />Use simple language when writing. You’re not trying to impress your readers with the big words you know. You’re simply trying to communicate a message. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. When your reader has to absorb shorter lengths of text it’s easier for them to remember your message.<br /><br />Whatever you’re writing about, make sure to keep your reader in mind. Even if what your writing about pertains to you, include the reader. Allow them to learn something from what you’re writing, or inspire their thought process. When you give them something they can benefit from, they are more likely to come back for more of what you have to say.<br /><br />Being able to write effectively in a world that is increasingly dependent on written expression is essential. It’s very hard to be successful in today’s world without knowing how to communicate clearly. This means if you find yourself struggling to express yourself through words, it’s time to start practicing.

Three Copywriting Tricks that Can Help You Find Success

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

There are so many things to learn in online marketing such as generating traffic, advertising, site promotion, and many others. But one thing is certain, no amount of traffic can make-up for a poorly converting website. The key to writing a great copy is to know what your customers want and give it to them. Copywriting and general writing are completely different forms of writing, and that’s not quite understood by a lot of people. When you write copy, you are talking to the reader’s conscious and unconscious mind – among other things. This article just scratches the surface of copywriting, but we’ll offer several tips to whet your appetite. You can also find more AffiloJetpack tips here.

Your main goal should be to get your potential client involved when you are writing sales pages. The more they get involved into reading your copy, the better they understand your product’s benefits. Is there a more effective way to make people curious about your product than to ask questions?

It will make your sales page interesting while also getting your readers involved. The essence is that you must ask questions which you know readers will answer “yes” to. In other words, you shouldn’t pose negative questions. You need to get your potential customers in the habit of saying yes, which means when you actually ask them to buy your product, their answer should be a yes.

Let your prospect know there’s no risk involved. Telling them they can return it for a refund if necessary is a great way to accomplish this. Lots of people are wary of refunds because they’re afraid to be ripped off. However, people will buy more as long as they know they can get their money back any time. You will have very few people who will take advantage of the guarantee and misuse it, but this can be easily ignored. You must ensure your return policy is an easy one. Here’s a small tip – the longer guarantee time you will have for your product, the less refund requests you will get. AffiloJetPack Review is available Now.

You should try to spice up your copy with a little bit of humor. Keep a good balance between being professional and using humor that makes your prospect feel comfortable. Nobody likes reading a serious copy that is just plain boring.

With the above tips we come to the conclusion that, the best way to write a good copy is to know about your product, inside out. You must also know what your target audience needs and wants. Once you have this knowledge, it will be easy to create selling copy that captures the minds of your readers and also causes them to buy.

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How To Take The “Hard” Out of Article Writing

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Internet marketers know that one of the most popular ways to drive traffic to their websites is through article marketing. Knowing that article marketing is good for your profit margin is one thing. And having the ability to write successful articles is another matter. There’s an entire industry of freelance article writers because many online marketers don’t want to learn this skill. But what if you do not have the budget for this?

Good articles can be expensive! But you can learn how to do this with just a little bit of coaching. Next up, we’ll share some great tips you can put to work immediately. Alternatively you may want to republish original articles which can be downloaded for free.

The only reason people read an article is because they need help with something, so be sure to try to always help them. The best approach to tone and style is to be a bit more formal than you would in a blog post, for example. If you fail to be straightforward then you’ll tend to annoy your reader which is not desirable. Some people purposely write controversial articles, and that’s fine as long as you do it in a mature manner. Make your points clearly and succinctly. Your informative content is always the most important concern. Never, ever blatantly copy someone else’s writing – that is plagiarism. There are certainly ethical and legal issues with that, not to mention you can seriously damage your reputation as a writer, or business person. It is bad for your business if you ever get caught and in today’s market, getting caught is not a matter of “if” it is a matter of “when.” It’s not worth it considering the certain legal problems, plus you’ll look pretty bad in front of your market and online community. So it really doesn’t matter about time or effort necessary to create good, unique articles.Dont be frightened to spin articles as this can help keep the content original.

Shorter paragraphs are better than longer paragraphs. We’re all taught to develop all major ideas in a separate paragraph. But, not here – not in your articles, so you can forget about that one. You probably know, because you’re like this, that people on the net are overloaded with information, so they want it fast, furious, and right now. So if you write in shorter paragraphs your readers will appreciate it and read your article. Formatting – line breaks between those short paras. Online readers always skim and scan, and indenting only makes that harder to do. Short paragraphs aid in the scanning of text, and that’s a habit of people online. So, developing good article writing skills is very helpful to your overall business. It is even important if you don’t want to make money online. This skill will spill-over into all your other written communications. You will realize a positive ROI if you invest in your self with this. Nothing about this is hard, you just need to put the effort into it and have a little patience while you learn.

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Be A Better Article Writer In 3 Easy Steps

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

We make many  articles for autoverzekering or autoverzekeringen or autoverzekering vergelijkenThere’s absolutely no denying the effectiveness of writing articles in today’s online business environment. As an internet marketer you understand just how powerful a single, well written, article can be. But merely knowing it, or hearing about it, are worlds apart from each other. Sitting down and staring at a blank Word document reveals the truth – writing good or great articles isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Untold number of IM marketers will tell you they hate trying to write articles. But not you – if you get the right kind of advice and proven tips, you’ll be writing good articles in only a short while. So we’ll continue and share some of our hot article writing tips that can have you writing them starting today.

Do not mistake your articles for essays. If you’ll remember from school, the structure of an essay is: “tell them what you are going to say, say it and then tell them what you said.” An article, on the other hand has more of a “reverse pyramid” structure. Usually, in an essay the information that is not important is placed in the middle part. For an article, you’ll usually find the least important information toward the end, just prior to the conclusion. What this structure accomplishes is it gets the most important information read sooner. Do maintain a central topic for your articles. While there are some articles that cover more than one topic, the best idea for article marketing is to keep it to one idea per article. Fleshing out your single idea is a better tactic than including lots of different ideas in a single piece-especially if that piece is a three hundred word article. So if you fully develop one topic in an article, then you can better demonstrate your expertise on the matter. The danger of attempting this is that you could come across as too scattered and lacking in full knowledge. Keeping your articles to a single topic when you have a lot to write about allows you to write many articles. You can create a stronger reputation with more articles, plus you’ll get more backlinks and more traffic.

Get in the habit of writing multiple drafts for an article. Be sure to do the typical checks for grammar mistakes, spelling, and general article flow, etc. Your very first draft should never be your final draft. You want to go through your article at least twice before you submit it for publication. There are other approaches, for example it’s a good idea to have someone else read it, too.

Articles and article marketing has already been proven over and over to work very well at promoting your offers, or website. But your articles do need to be written well and follow some guidelines. Anyone can become a good, or great, article writer because it’s not hard. But be prepared to invest time and effort into it. All you really need, aside from knowledge, is the willingness to do what’s necessary to do it, and you can begin right away.