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SEO Tips Optimization After Panda

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

There are people who have  said that effective use of SEO, or search engine optimization is dead in 2012. But it has been proven countless times to produce the highest quality of traffic to a website. Whilst there are some standard regimental practices to follow such as having a good title tag, at least one H1 tag, quality content that includes your keywords and anchor text with ALT TAG variance.

The bottom line is if you do not have visitors or traffic, to your site – then whether you are managing a brochure or ecommerce site if it does not have the content that sells and asks for the money, then you are going nowhere.

All  business owners must release themself from the myth – create a site – build it, and they will come.

When it comes to doing optimization, more commonly known as SEO there are still some tested and verifiable SEO tips you can use that is best practice.

Number one is writing good quality natural content and that should include linking anchor text, which is recommended you use where applicable. Anchor text is text that appears in your content that is then linked to another page either inside your website or to another site with relevance. Links from other websites are also referred to as ‘backlinks’.

Be sure to do deep linking with your backlinks using the relevant keyword phrase for the page you are looking to link too.

An an example of putting an Anchor Text Link in your content. So, you have a a keyword such as “web design,” so when you’re getting backlinks you want that link to have an ALT TAG piece of anchor text against it that compliments that word, for example: ‘web developers in Scotland’.

Since Google rolled out the Penguin Algorithm – Click Here – is back, but the ALT TAG you might apply to this could be Search Engine Marketing Expert, should the page you are on be talking about Search Marketing.

The bottom line is always use relevant keyword phrases in all your anchor text.

If there are one or two keywords in your copy you feel are really important then you can still do the occasional bolding up of that word or phrase. Bullet points, put those in italics.

Search engine algorithms will add some degree may add some weight to your keywords when you do that.

One sure way to do SEO properly is to consider using an affordable SEO TOOL such as LINKDEX. This tool will help you ‘tune’ your pages and help you implement best practice SEO.

One H1 tag on your page, some good quality content, the use of an H2 tag where applicable and be sure to use your primary/secondary keywords ‘for that page’ is really important. They’ll become more valuable and relevant for the search engines when it comes to conducting best practice optimization for your website pages.

So the end goal is having each page on your site optimized for a particular primary keyword or phrase and also for a few secondary keywords that are topically related.

Optimizing your site means regular updates to your site with new content and if a page does become totally redundant, be careful how you dispose of it.

Search engines are looking for the most relevant information and consistent updates and are much better today in finding new content quickly and coming back to a site if it thinks the pages there have something to offer, is fresh and seen as a popular magnet.

So when consistently adding new and useful information to your site, it gives a reason for visitors to return and believe that your site is worthy. With each update, search engines will see your site as more of an authority and a reliable source.

It is important to note that search engine optimization will not happen overnight. It takes time to get lasting results and for your pages to mature. So doing SEO is worth the effort. Your pages will always fluctuate as could your PageRank or Quality Score if you are using Adwords.

Google Panda wants you to create good quality content today, back this up by working on perfecting your title tags, on the page headlines and that body content, and this should get you the attention you desire from the search engines.

3 Profitable Video Marketing Techniques For Internet Marketers

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Marketing your products and services using video can generate impact from the target market audience you are trying to attract.

This is just marketing using advertising concepts and best practice when using video. There are optimizing dos and don’ts you will have to consider when it comes to video.

The success of your marketing campaign will hang on how well you do your market research, competitor research and perform effective optimization of your video.

So, there are at least three effective video optimization tips we want to tell you about here.

1) Use a video to get your viewers familiar with your company, the product, the benefit of that product or service and how to ask for the money.

Video engages viewers, so you have the opportunity to enhance your brand value, create loyalty and acquire your audience to follow you and keep coming back into your target niche.

Having a video on You Tube doesn’t mean you have to be a large company or have a huge filming budget to create your own brand on film.

You won’t have trouble promoting your business if your videos have all the righ qualities.

Next is getting your videos seen and viewed, it is all about maximum exposure. YouTube is the number one video sharing site, but there are many other sites that have a high amount of traffic for video marketing.

All of this will take time, even just uploading videos can take a lot of time, and that is why so many people love using distribution websites.

You will also get more use and mileage out of video marketing by using your marketing video in other areas of your marketing strategy such as landing pages.

Video Marketing Guru Greg Jarboe has proved on many occasions how video can become an important aspect of SEO with Google and in a very short space of time.  Videos on your website have been known to help with search marketing and ranking. Placing videos on your sites will help make the website more sticky and bring visitors back.

The above are just 3 tips from a book written by Greg Jarboe You Tube Video Marketing an Hour A Day that will help you understand the value of video marketing and how to optimize your video and do it right.

Think of this book as one of a number of ‘bibles’ you need to surround yourself with as the best practice information needed to succeed in online marketing. It is not so much saying internet marketing is easy to do, it is more about following best practice, as the potential is enormous. Planning and recording the video is vital but once ready to market you will need to work on getting your videos seen by as many people as you can. Vdeo marketing like every other marketing technique will require you to put in a bit of effort to get targeted results.