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Sunday, February 28th, 2010

IBMC constantly see lots of great articles hit our inbox that might not have winged into yours. So as we see interesting stuff coming through we will make every effort to share them with those small medium sized businesses seeking to improve their online marketing strategy to better support their website.

So below is an informative guide that was provided by Hubspot which is a valuable source for interesting tips and tidbits on things you could be doing to accelerate your business growth.

So lets take a topic from Hubspot that really is a talking point in 2010 and that is making more use of YOU TUBE and getting your video optimised and seen by your target market audience.


Author: David Meerman Scott of Web Ink Now

Still not ready to jump into the exciting world of creating online video for marketing purposes?  Why not ask your customers and fans to do it for you?  

David’s post highlights a few examples of companies who have successfully crowdsourced their video needs using contests and prize money as motivation, which also promotes company/buyer interaction. 

Marketing Takeaway: Brainstorm different ways for you to fit online video into your marketing mix

Some people try to say SEO is dead, others are worried about their budget being swallowed up should they entertain Pay Per Click Advertising and it seems businessmen over 50 don’t think that Social Media Marketing is for them. Well maybe this next article might change your mind on all these topics.


Author: Barry Bowman of Search Engine Land

Barry’s article seeks to advise B2B marketers how and when to use what types of search marketing tools, including SEO, pay-per-click advertising and social media optimization (and all of them combined!) in their marketing programs.

He notes that there is a time to use each and a time to use all, but that it largely depends on the situation.  His article discusses when to use what, as well as the need to define marketing goals before you get started.

Marketing Takeaway: Don’t attach search marketing with a “one-tool-fits-all” approach. Strategize based on your marketing goals.

These are just some of the worthwhile articles IBMC want to bring to your attention. We have tons more that pours into our inbox everyday. We weed through everything and if its worth a mention here we will pop it up and give the author of the article some page time!

Let us know if you have any concerns about setting up an online business, building a business website or wanting to know how to improve your online marketing strategy. Leave your comments here and we will see what we can do for you.